​​​​​Advisory Board​

The mission of the Computer Science Advisory Board is to provide guidance and support in the areas of curriculum, experiential opportunities and resource development to enable the development of ethically-minded and innovative students capable of solving problems and contributing to the advancement of technology in the 21st century.

The board's role is advisory to the Department of Computer Science faculty in enhancing the educational experiences of students and preparing them for meaningful lives and productive careers.

Computer Science Advisory Board Members

Name and Profession

Will Brown
North American IT Manager
GSW Manufacturing

Will has 25 years of IT experience. He started working with GSW Manufacturing in 1993 and has led 3 ERP implementation projects.  He has experience in programming shop floor data collection devices and integrating hardware, network and software systems into one version of the truth.

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Lynn Child
Chairman & President - CentraComm Communications
CEO - Aardvark, Inc.

Nearly 20 years of IT experience

She is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker and philanthropist from northwest Ohio. For over a decade, she has been the driving force behind the technology companies CentraComm, focused on networking, security and data management and Aardvark, focused on web and application development.

Lynn Child

Mark Cosiano
Value Stream Manager
Whirlpool Corporation

Over 15 years of programming experience

He has programmed PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) for over 15 years, integrated PLC's into plant networks and started various projects for production monitoring processes. He has HMI (Human Machine Interface) programming and installation experience.

Mark Cosiano

C. Matthew Curtin
Founder, CEO
Interhack Corporation

Over 20 years of IT experience

Founded and built Interhack from a self-funded research group to a for-profit consulting firm with practice areas in cybersecurity and computer expert services.

Advisory Board Member C. Matthew Curtin

Ruth Ann Ellerbrock
Solomon Cloud Solutions (formerly Plumbline Solutions)

Over 30 years of experience in software development and consulting

She has managed a variety of teams, including customization & database repair, R&D, support services, project management, customer relations escalation. For the past 11 years, she has been responsible for the development and support of Dynamics SL ERP software as a vendor to Microsoft.

Advisory Board Member Ruth Ann Ellerbrock

John Farhat
Strategic IT Consultant
Farhat Consulting Services

25 years of IT experience

He is one of the founders of Farhat Services Company, Inc. (FSCIX) started in 2015. FSCIX is focused on higher security and higher-end computing for sectors that are generally under-represented in the external IT markets, primarily health care, with services based on big data and predictive analytics.

Advisory Board Member John Farhat

Jamie Hatch
Independent Contractor/Consultant

Over 15 years of IT experience

Jamie served as the Information Security Officer for Blanchard Valley Health System and was focused on their security efforts as they transitioned into the electronic age and sharing of information.

Advisory Board Member Jamie Hatch

Terry Kin
Former VP of Operations
Tour de Force

20 years experience in software development, IT and executive roles.

He has served as VP of IT and Real Estate at Hercules Tire, where he led the implementation of the Epicor Eclipse ERP system. Before starting at Hercules as the Director of MIS in1999, Terry held various development and project management roles at Guardian Industries and Findlay Industries.

Advisory Board Member Terry Kin

John Markley
Ohio Mutual Insurance

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Alex Moser
Ohio Mutual Insurance

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Jeremy Scheiderer
V.P. of Technical Operations
Tour DeForce 

With over 15 years of experience in IT and Software Development, he installed his first network in 1999 and has been involved in the technology space ever since that first project. He began his career with Tour de Force in 2009 as a member of the internal IT staff and support team, and has been promoted up through the management ranks to his current position VP of TechOps.  Prior to joining Tour de Force, he was an entrepreneur the founder of his own technology business. Currently, he is also serving as an active Board Member of Flag City Morning Rotary and Millstream Career and Technology Center.

Advisory Board Member Jeremy Scheiderer

Thomas A. Strete
IT Manager - Refining, Transport. & Logistics IT Services

Marathon Petroleum Corporation

Over 15 years of IT experience

Tom has led MPC's Refining, Transportation & Logistics IT teams since 2016.  Prior management roles include IT application and IT infrastructure responsibilities, including supervision of a field IT team at MPC's Canton refinery.  His focus is on developing people and processes, maintaining reliable and secure IT systems, and executing on innovative new technology projects that provide our business with a competitive advantage.

Advisory Board Member Thomas Strete

​​Paul Townley
Director of Information Security & Emerging Technology
Owens Corning

Paul joined Owens Corning in 2002 as a security analyst and has previously held the role of security team leader as well. He was appointed to his current role in 2014.


Prior to joining Owens Corning, he worked as a senior security architect for Nortel Networks leading penetration tests and network audits for Technology, Healthcare, Energy, Internet, and Manufacturing companies.


He has also served as a computer security officer at the Air Force Information Warfare Center where he performed vulnerability assessments, security product testing, and security architecture work.


Paul earned a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, a masters degree in Computer Science from St. Mary's University, and a Graduate Certificate in Analytics and Business Intelligence from Northwestern University.

Loren Wagner
Senior Director of Compliance Services

Nearly 4 0 years of IT experience

Loren is an experienced information assurance executive recognized for developing innovative solutions across a global team environment. With over 40 years of IT experience and a lifelong learner, Loren enjoys sharing through teaching and practice because learning and sharing form the essence of knowledge. Loren's specialties include information assurance/information security practices; policy development; risk assessment; risk management; and the application of Lean Six Sigma processes and tools.

Advisory Board Member Loren Wagner

Martin White                                       
Director of Information Technology
Findlay City Schools   

Martin has extensive experience in IT project management including the design and implementation of a district-owned fiber network.  Prior positions include Chief Information Officer at Northwest State Community College and Director of The Instructional Design Center at Walsh College. 

Advisory Board Member Martin White