​​​Equestrian Studies​​​​​​​​

Equestrian Riding Programs

Transform your love for horses into a rewarding career! The professional, hands-on skills learned in both our English riding program and western riding program enables you to graduate with unparalleled experience.

We are a top equestrian college! 

For more than 30-years, The University of Findlay has set the standard for excellence in equestrian studies.
Unique aspects of our program include:

  • Riding instruction five days per week beginning in the first year

  • Two outstanding equine facilities for English and western riding

  • More than 300 horses between both riding programs

  • One of the only universities in the U.S. that has cattle for cutting on grounds for students in the western riding program

  • One-to-one academic advising

  • Internships in the United States and abroad

  • International English riding opportunities

  • Associate of arts in western riding/training emphasis

  • Associate of arts in English riding/training emphasis

  • Bachelor of science in western riding/training emphasis

  • Bachelor of science in English riding/training emphasis

  • Bachelor of science in equine business management

  • Dual degree option with our Doctor of Pharmacy program

Graduates of UF's equestrian riding programs have demonstrated that they are qualified and capable of joining the ranks of top equine professionals nationally and internationally.

"I was the first and only woman to win the Road to the Horse colt starting competition..."

--Stacy Westfall '97, B.S. Equestrian Studies (Western Riding) & Equine Business Management

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"My UF education was a perfect fit for my career at Equine Affaire."

--Coagi Long '03, B.S. Equestrian Studies (English Riding) & Business Management

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Additionally, the ability to double major and/or minor in complementing areas allows for more diverse internship and job options for our students.  Examples could include, but are not limited to:

  • Equestrian Studies / International Business
  • Equestrian Studies / Accounting
  • Equestrian Studies / Journalism
  • Equestrian Studies / Marketing
  • Equestrian Studies / Computer Science
  • Equestrian Studies / Public Relations
  • Equestrian Studies / Spanish