​​​​​​Bringing Your Horse to College

Some equestrian students bring their own horses, while others like the variety of riding several different mounts.

The University of Findlay Equestrian Studies Program provides an opportunity for students to bring their horses to school and learn along with them.  

If you are interested in bringing your horse with you to college, the following criteria must be met: 

Submit the Form Below:

All requirements listed below need to be attached through the above form for submission

Video Requirement:

If you wish to use your horse in the English Equestrian Program, it is necessary for our instructors to review a video of you on your horse. This is to ensure that you are able to progress with the rest of your class. 

You need only submit one video of you riding the horse you wish to bring, as noted for your specific discipline.

  • Dressage: No more than five (5) minutes of walk, trot, canter in both directions, and any other movements that you are able to perform.  You may send a video of a dressage show test.
  • Hunter/Jumper and Eventing: Five (5) minutes total that includes
    • Flatwork:  walk, trot, canter in each direction, and any other dressage movements that you are able to perform.
    • Jumping (if applicable):  Provide footage of your current jumping skills and height ability (only include the height at which you are currently jumping in lessons and/or shows).
 Please note:  videos are not returnable and should be labeled with the student's name,  phone number, and email address.

Videos can be submitted via YouTube or DVD. 

In addition to labeling your video with the above requirements, please also include your horse's name.  If sending via DVD, please make sure it is labeled "rider and horse approval"; if submitting a YouTube link, please note in the body of your email that the video is for "rider and horse approval".  

Upon reviewing the video, we will contact you as to the decision on your horse.  You will then be sent a packet with forms for you and your veterinarian to complete.  Please return the packet before your horse arrives.

Boarding Information:

  • A student-owned horse used in the program - $19.00 per day.

  • Veterinary care and farrier services are not included in the boarding cost. 

  • The student is responsible for the care of their horse including stall cleaning and turnout.

  • These rates are subject to change at the beginning of each semester based on hay, grain, and sawdust market conditions. 

We pride ourselves on providing the finest feeds and bedding for your horse, which sometimes requires us to receive these commodities from outside our geographical area. You will be notified in July and the beginning of December of any changes in the current board rates.

Vaccination Requirements

Prior to arrival, your horse must have all vaccinations completed. The required vaccinations include the following:

  • Flu Avert I.N.® Influenza - 10 to 30 days before arrival.

  • Rhinopneumonitis vaccine - 10 to 30 days before arrival. 

  • Strangles - The initial strangles protocol calls for a series of two vaccinations given three weeks apart, with an annual booster thereafter. The most recent booster must have been given within one year prior to arrival.

  • Tetanus - within the year prior to arrival.

  • Deworming - 60 days prior to arrival (please deworm with Ivermectin).

  • Coggins - The original negative coggins, dated within the last year, is required for our files.

Horses will not be permitted on the property without documentation of required vaccinations and negative coggins.

Other Required Information

  • A current original Coggins test within the last year.

  • A copy of the registration papers

  • A signed boarding contract (Boarding contract will be mailed with your acceptance letter.)

  • Completed horse information form (horse information form will be mailed with your acceptance letter).

Questions? Contact us at [email protected].