​​​​​​​​​​​​​Information For Freshmen​

Findlay's Equestrian Studies program utilizes a hands-on approach to learning, designed to give you the most practical experience that will translate to success in the equestrian industry. Below, you will find important information about the English program and our expectations of you as an English equestrian student.

Items You Need to Submit

Student Requirements

  • Work three (3) weekends per semester.

    • As part of the hiring process at the University, you will need to complete Section 1 of the Federal Form I-9 and provide acceptable documentation as listed on the ‘Lists of Acceptable Documents’​ page of the I-9. Per this document, you must provide one document from List A OR one from List B AND one from List C. All documents must be original and unexpired.

    • Students will be paid for 2 weekends each semester.

  • General chores around the barn, including but not limited to, stall cleaning six (6) days per week, excluding special farm events.

  • Rotation of feeding chores for all horses on the property.

  • Take and log your horse's temperature daily.

  • Daily turn-out of your horse.

  • Adhere to the barn dress code at all times, including holidays, weekends and evenings.

  • Occasionally unload and stack hay during assigned times or during your work weekends.

Additional Infor​mation

Dress Code and Classroom Etiquette​

The dress code for the English Equestrian Studies Program will be as follows:

  • All exposed piercings must be removed with the exception of small earrings. Jewelry and earrings are to be kept simple and to a minimum.

  • A polo shirt is recommended, however a sleeveless shirt with a collar may be worn.  Shirts must be tucked into pants with a belt at all times.  No tank tops will be permitted.

  • No riding "tights"; breeches only (example: Hoof and Woof, Tailored Sportsman, Ariat, Grand Prix, etc.). Conservative colors are recommended.

  • Clothing may not have concert promotions, or suggestive or explicit language displayed.

  • ​​NO sandals, open-toed shoes or shorts of any kind will be permitted at the barn.  This includes weekends, holidays, horse shows and evening visits.
  • Always strive for a polished look - hair should be up and contained. Hairnets are required.

  • Helmet Policy:  Wearing an ASTM/SEI certified helmet is mandatory when riding.

  • Cell phones must be turned off in any arena area.

  • Please remember that the ring is a classroom, as is any time you spend at the barn.  Address instructors, barn staff, interns and peers with respect.  The ring is for students participating in a lesson or those taking notes on a lesson.  All those participating and observing will be expected to pay attention and keep extraneous noise to a minimum.

Bring your own horse?

Incoming freshmen may bring a family-owned horse as their project for the program; however, many students prefer the experience they receive by riding several different horses.  UF has criteria that must be followed if you choose to bring your own horse.  See "Should I Bring My Own Horse?" for requirements. If you are riding your own horse for your entrance video, you may use that footage for the 'Bring Your Horse' video submission.

What equipment will you need?

All freshmen will need to bring their own tack, and the equipment needed to care for a horse.  We will have retailers at the farm during the first few weeks of the fall semester.  If you are unable to acquire all of your equipment before arriving or you have additional questions about your equipment, you can wait until you arrive to meet with the retailers.

See the following list for what you'll need to bring:

Where will you store your tack?

Your equipment represents a large investment and we want to help you keep it safe and in good condition.  UF provides tack lockers for each student, so it won't be necessary to bring one.

Interested in joining one of the riding teams?

Tryouts for both our teams are typically held at the beginning of the fall semester in September.

Additional questions? Please feel free to contact our Freshman Coordinator Jill Jewett at [email protected]​u