​​​​Riding Videos

Freshman Video Requirements

All incoming freshman riders need to submit a video of them riding. 

Depending on your discipline, your video should include the following:


You may send a video of a dressage show test.

No more than five minutes of
  • walking,
  • trotting,
  • canter in both directions, and;
  • any other movements that you are able to perform

Hunter/Jumper and Eventing: 

Five minutes total that includes:
  • Flatwork: walk, trot, canter in each direction, and any other dressage movements that you are able to perform.
  • Jumping (if applicable): Provide footage of your current jumping skills and height ability (only include the height at which you are currently jumping in lessons and/or shows).
Videos accepted will be on YouTube or dropped into Google Drive and shared with Jill at [email protected].
Please note: videos are not returnable and should be labeled with the student's name, phone number, and email address.

Please submit all riding videos to Jill at [email protected]