​​​​IHSA Hunt Seat Team Information​

The University of Findlay's Hunt Seat Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) team has become one of the top equestrian teams in the country. The coaches, instructors and staff are dedicated and proud of our rigorous equestrian programs that help develop the most accomplished intercollegiate riders. IHSA is unique in that students do not bring their own horses to the competition. Instead, the host college provides all horses. The riders then participate in a "draw" to determine their mounts. Once assigned, the rider will mount his/her horse, adjust his/her stirrups and enter the show ring. Riders are judged on hunt seat equitation over fences and/or on the flat.      

It is not necessary to be an equestrian study major to participate on the team. Many riders attend the University for a variety of other degrees and compete on the team.  In addition to regional, zone and national championships, we have between seven and ten regional qualifying shows per year. We encourage all members and parents to travel with us and we have a wonderful parent and alumni support group. As a member of Findlay's IHSA team, students learn teamwork, time management and how to be successful riders who produce winning rides. Although the IHSA requires an ample amount of hard work and commitment, the rewards are great and many. 

Visit the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association  (IHSA) website for more information.


The University of Findlay covers all varsity team travel and showing expenses.


Team tryouts will be held during the first couple of weeks in September. You will need your show clothes and an ASTM approved helmet. You will try out on one of the University of Findlay's school horses.   


A student-owned saddle, girth, saddle pads and bridle are suggested for IHSA practice.    


IHSA team members are all required to volunteer as a team each year. This is a great opportunity for the team members to get to know each other away from the farm and to work together as a team.  

For more information about UF's IHSA Hunt Seat Team, contact Coach Rusty Miller at [email protected].