english equestrian studies

English Equestrian Riding Program

Our English equestrian program is comprised of three disciplines:

Students begin caring for and riding horses in their very first year and have five days of assigned time at the barn each week.

The professional skills students learn in our equestrian program helps transform their love for horses into rewarding careers.  Our equestrian students can land specialized positions nationally and internationally in areas such as:

  • equine journalism,
  • training, 
  • event planning, 
  • business, 
  • breeding, or
  • marketing and research.

"My UF education was a perfect fit for my career at Equine Affaire."

--Coagi Long '03, Vice President, Program Director & Fantasia Coordinator at Equine Affaire 

Tour our facility with Brittany Veninger

James L. Child Jr. Equestrian Complex
11178 Township Highway 201, Findlay, OH 45840