​College Credit Plus at Your High School

Program Goals

  • Help students make successful transitions to college and careers.
  • Motivate students to achieve high levels of education. 
  • Offer educators professional development opportunities through the sharing of teaching and learning strategies.
  • Prepare high school teachers to teach university classes in their high schools and support them as they deliver the courses.​

Qualified High School Teachers

The University of Findlay trains qualified high school teachers to deliver our college-level courses in their classrooms. These teachers are required to meet the following criteria:
  • A master’s degree in the content area or a master’s degree in education which includes the equivalent of 18 semester hours of advanced training in the relevant subject (i.e. content-specific graduate courses, workshops, seminars, and curriculum development). Relevant tested experience may also be considered as part of the credentialing process.​​​​
  • Minimum one year of teaching experience at the high school level.
  • Successful completion of course-specific orientation and participation in annual professional development.

Courses Available​

College courses currently offered at UF CCP partner high schools: 
For a full list of courses available at ​the University of Findlay, please see the undergraduate course catalog.