The ACCUPLACER is an adaptive, multiple-choice and essay test that is designed to be a clear measure of academic skills in math, reading and English. These tests help identify your strengths and needs in each subject area.

Do you need to take the ACCUPLACER Test?

You must have applied for the College Credit Plus program online prior to registering for the ACCUPLACER test. We want to make sure you're taking the correct tests needed for the classes you are interested in taking.

You are required to take the ACCUPLACER test, regardless of your ACT or SAT test scores, if you want to take:
  • Any mathematics courses
  • General chemistry (Chemistry 130) or higher
  • Physics (Physics 250) or higher
If you do not have a composite score of 20 or higher on the ACT then you need to take the ACCUPLACER test.

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