​​​​​​​​​​Chemistry Placement

Placement into a course with the appropriate level of challenge is vital to your success. Your initial placement into General Chemistry courses at the University of Findlay will be determined by your ACT Math and Science subsection scores or by your SAT Math and Verbal subsection scores, whichever is higher. In the absence of ACT or SAT scores, students will take the chemistry placement test to determine the appropriate placement level. This includes transfer students. If a student has earned transfer credit for college chemistry courses, including AP or IB credit, the transfer credit will take precedence over the placement when scheduling for classes.  

ACT/SAT scores are valid for 3 years from the date the test was completed. ​UF placement scores are valid for 2 years from the date the test was completed.


If your ACT combined Math and Science subsection score is 52 or greater or if your SAT combined Math and Verbal subsection score is 1190 or greater, you will be placed into General Chemistry I lecture and lab (CHEM130/130L). Alternatively, students will be placed into Basic Chemistry lecture and lab (CHEM111/111L). 

If a student has already taken CHEM111 and CHEM111L and received a grade lower than a C (including U or W) in either course, then this test may not be used for placement into CHEM130, General Chemistry I.​


What if I have taken the AP test in chemistry?

Once your AP scores are reported to UF, your schedule can be adjusted as needed. Please check with your advisor about any possible schedule changes.


When is the test taken?

The chemistry placement test is scheduled ahead of your New Student Registration session. An email will be sent to you from the Dean of the College of Sciences. This email will contain information about scheduling your optional placement test.​

Who takes this test?

The chemistry placement test is optional. Students may choose to take the chemistry placement test virtually to try to advance​ their placement. If you are not going to enroll in a chemistry course, you do not need to take this test.


There will be an opportunity to re-take the placement test on either the Sunday afternoon of orientation weekend or on Tuesday evening the first week of classes. To be eligible for this re-take you (the student) must pre-register for the test at least 48-hours ahead and pay the $20 fee before you can take the test. You can pre-register by emailing us at [email protected].

Chemistry faculty are frequently asked why high school grades are not used toward first-year placement. Our data shows that we cannot account for the variability of instruction taking place across the many school districts from which students graduate.​


What do I need to bring?

Nothing. We provide a pencil, pen, periodic table and calculator when needed. 


How do I prepare for the Chemistry placement test?

Here are some topics covered on Findlay's Chemistry Placement Test:

  • Atomic theory
  • Avogadro's Hypothesis
  • Chemical equation balancing
  • Chemical reactions
  • Electronic configuration
  • Nomenclature
  • Periodic table and trends
  • Phases/states of matter
  • Physical properties of matter
  • Unit conversions (English to metric)

Resources to review to prepare for the Chemistry Placement Test

Atomic theory




Avogadro's Hypothesis




Chemical equation balancing




Chemical reactions





Electronic configuration








Periodic table and trends




Phases/states of matter and physical properties of matter





Unit conversions (English « metric)





If you have any questions about the chemistry placement test, please email us at [email protected]