​​​​​Spanish Placement Test​

Placement tests are utilized for evaluation of your ability to be placed in coursework at Findlay. Placement in a course with the appropriate level of challenge is vital to your success. By having the results of the various placement tests, academic advisors will know which course you need to be enrolled in for the upcoming semester.

All students who have taken two or more years of Spanish are strongly encouraged to take the Spanish placement test. The purpose of the Spanish placement test is to determine the appropriate level course for continued language study at Findlay.

Coursework in Spanish may satisfy University of Findlay CORE requirements, and students are encouraged to fulfill the CORE Plus requirements through study abroad and additional language study. Students who have taken four or more years of Spanish in high school are encouraged to add a Spanish major or minor to their primary major.

A minor in Spanish is 18 hours and a major is 33 hours beyond Spanish I (120) and Spanish II (121). By demonstrating a sufficient level of proficiency, courses can be waived towards the major or minor as no credit is given. PLEASE NOTE: half of your credits towards a major or minor must be completed through the University of Findlay.

You are requested to do Step 1 from home prior to your registration date.

Step 1: Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary

Before coming to New Student Registration, take the computerized section online (approx. 20-30 min).
  • To begin the exam at home, click here​.​
  • You will need to create an account for TrueNorth​.
  • Test is valid for one use only.​
  • After taking this test, please create an account. When your account is created please email [email protected] to review your scores.
Take the computerized section at least two days prior to your registration date.

Step 2: Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension is based on your Webcape Score. If you place above 300; you will be invited to take the Listening Comprehension section at approximately 8:00 a.m. in the Language Lab at the Davis Street Building, Room 185 (approx. 20-30 min).

Step 3: Composition (by invitation)

Your first two scores will determine if you will be asked to write a composition. A time will be scheduled for writing the composition. The three test scores will determine if and how many credits will be waived towards a Spanish major or minor.

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