​Financial Aid and Scholarships​​

​​​There are several different types of financial aid available to graduate students at The University of Findlay including federal student loans, scholarships and assistantships. If eligible, you can receive more than one type of aid. 

Student Financial Assistance

Graduate students should apply for financial aid at the same time they are applying for admission to the college. 

Your enrollment level also plays a role in your loan eligibility. You must be enrolled at least half-time.  Several of Findlay's graduate programs are offered via the semester calendar; others, the trimester/weekend calendar.  Half-time enrollment for the former requires at least six hours of credit in a term.  Half-time for the latter requires at least four and one-half hours of credit in a term.

Federal Student Loan Options

Once a student is accepted into a graduate program, their financial aid eligibility will be determined by Office of Financial Aid and the student will be sent a financial assistance letter.​ The financial assistance letter that you will receive from Student Financial Assistance will offer the amount of Federal Direct Stafford Loan that you are eligible to receive - a maximum of $20,500 for one academic year. The type of Stafford Loan(s) you are offered will depend on your determined financial need—a maximum of $8,500 of your Stafford Loans may be in a subsidized loan (students must have a certain amount of demonstrated financial need to be eligible for a Subsidized Stafford Loan).

If the aid/loans a student has been offered on their financial assistance letter are not enough to assist the student in meeting the cost of his/her education, then applying for a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan​ may help fill the additional need.

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Other Loan Options

You may wish to consider a private loan option in lieu of the Direct GradPLUS Loan.  As the borrower, you must initiate the loan, which must subsequently be certified by the Financial Aid Office.  


A careful review of interest rates and their trends may be of value as you decide whether the Direct Grad PLUS or a private loan is the right choice for you.  Find the loan that is right for you by using The University of Findlay's FASTChoice online tool​.

Financial Aid Policies for Graduate and Professional Programs

Because of the varied nature of our graduate programs, the financial aid policies differ from program to program. ​​