​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

​​If you have any additional questions, please contact Director of Bands, Wes King

Why should I be in band during college?
The reasons are numerous! You have spent anywhere from the last 4-8 years learning a skill and developing a musical intelligence. Not only can these skills translate into a monetary value (scholarships), but you also have developed a life-long skill. Many musicians continue playing into advanced age because music is an activity for all of life's journey.

College band also allows for an easier transition from high school or community college into the university setting. By the end of band camp, you now have a group of friends and a support structure to help you excel in your endeavors. It is the experience of many people that the friends they make in college band become friends for life!
Are there scholarships available?
There are scholarships available for every ensemble. At UF, students can choose which ensembles they would like to participate in and focus their efforts toward specific musical endeavors. Scholarships are by audition or interview.
How do I become a member of the Oiler Bands?
All students are welcome to join any of the ensembles at UF. Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble are auditioned groups. Symphonic Band, Pep Band, and Marching Band do not require auditions, but prospective students need to speak with the Director of Bands before admittance.
How much time does band require?
The Marching Band meets for Band Camp before the start of the Fall semester and rehearses during the Fall Semester M/W/F from 5:00-6:30 PM. The Band also only plays at home football games (approximately 5 per season). Other than performances, these are the only times the Marching Band meets.

The Wind Ensemble rehearses both semesters T/R from 4:30-5:30 PM and the Symphonic Band rehearses Mondays from 7:00-9:00 PM.

The Jazz Ensemble rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 7-9PM.

The Pep Band performs at all home basketball games during the Spring semester.
Will I be too busy to play in band?
Many freshmen have this concern. For UF students, band is their way to destress! College band is very different than high school band. We only rehearse during our scheduled class times. There are no “before-school” or “after-school” rehearsals. Keep in mind that you are not going to be in class all day, every day, like in high school. Many of our band students work part-time jobs while being successful in the classroom and in their ensembles.

Also, keep in mind that the indoor ensembles do not start at UF until mid-October (right around the time marching is over), so you shouldn’t have to worry about feeling too overwhelmed by band at the start of the semester if you are interested in multiple scholarships.

Do band members receive academic credit?
Band members receive academic credit each semester. These credits satisfy elective requirements in most majors.

Are all members of the Oiler Bands music majors?
University of Findlay does not currently have a music major. All students are dedicated musicians from every major represented on campus. We love how this demonstrates that music is for everyone, including you!

Does UF allow color guard and majorettes to join?
Yes! We love our auxiliaries! It is also expected for these members to have a small additional amount of rehearsal outside of normal rehearsals to prepare the numerous routines they learn.

Does the band provide instruments?
The Band has a limited number of instruments for student use. We provide instruments for low reeds, low brass, marching brass (silver) and percussion. Students are encouraged to use their own instruments, if possible. Marching brass students must have silver instruments if they wish to use their own during marching season. Students are welcome to contact the Director of Bands for input if their families are considering buying an instrument for college.

Do I have to improvise in Jazz Ensemble?
We want you to participate. Improvisation is a skill that is learned and improved, like any other musical ability. You are not required to improvise, but we will work on improvisation skills to give each student the chance to succeed and grow.

What if I’m not good enough to play in college?
Students come from every level of background and ability level. At the end of the day, we are an educational institution which means we take students where they are at when they enter the classroom and give them the tools and opportunities to grow and flourish. Be not afraid! Come try having a blast with us making awesome music, and see for yourself that you are ready!


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