​​​Scholarship Information

At University of Findlay, we have designed our scholarship program to allow students to find the right balance of ensembles that work with their interest in schedule. 

These scholarships are all ala carte, so you can play in everything (potentially) and get several scholarships, or participate in one and receive a single scholarship. Before you worry about becoming too busy, please be aware that all indoor ensembles do not begin until after Fall Break as marching band is wrapping up.

Scholarship Amounts:

Marching Band (for Fall):
Year 1: $500
Year 2: $600
Year 3: $800
Year 4: $1000
*No audition is required.

​Color Guard and Twirlers: $1000.

  • Auxiliaries students are required to pay a fee that provides all of their speciality equipment and uniforms. These students receive a higher level of scholarship from Freshman year to offset this fee.

​ Concert Band: $500 scholarship (annual)

  • If a student accepts a Concert Band Scholarship, they are required to take a weekly private lesson on their instrument.

    • They will receive additional scholarship aid to offset the lesson fee for that applied lesson course.

  • These lessons are to help a student learn their part, get individual attention from a specialist, and learn tips and tricks for their instrument to improve.

    • These lessons have helped numerous students grow more confident and comfortable on their instrument, allowing the band to be the best it can be.

  • Students can participate in the concert bands without a scholarship, without the obligation to take a lesson.

 *Brief audition is required for placement in either UF Wind Ensemble or UF Symphonic Band. 

​Pep Band: $500 (for Spring)

*No audition is required. ​

Jazz Ensemble: $1000 (annual)
*Brief audition required due to limited seating.​

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Contact the Director:

Wes King

Director of Bands
University of Findlay
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