​​​​​Tuition and Fees​

The tuition rates and fees of the physician assistant program are determined by the University Board of Trustees and are announced prior to the start of each academic year.
Fees and tuition charges are subject to change without notice. Costs may increase or decrease depending on general inflation, vendors used, etc.

Using the most current tuition and fee rates and the projected rate of increase, the cost of the program can be estimated in the manner noted below. Refer to https://www.findlay.edu/offices/business-affairs/student-accounts/graduate-charges for the most current cost per credit hour for Physician Assistant (PHAS) courses and other charges and fees.  All students accepted into the UF PA program pay a $1,000 seat deposit which is used to cover the costs of fees and supplies not noted below.

Current and estimated costs broken down by semester (assume a 3% tuition and fee increase each academic year which is not reflected below):

Fall Semester 2023

First Semester -Estimated

  • Tuition 17 hours x $989 hour = $16,813 (paid to UF)
  • General Service Fee $55 x 17 hours = $935 (paid to UF)
  • Student Activity Fee = $50 (paid to UF)
  • PHAS 501 course fee = $100 (paid to UF)
  • Medical equipment, white coats, membership dues = estimated $1,200
  • Background check = estimated $60
  • Drug screen = estimated $60, depends on location
  • Physical exam/immunizations = estimated $150
  • First semester total = $19,368

Spring Semester 2024

Second Semester -Estimated

  • Tuition 16 hours x $989 hour = $15,824 (paid to UF)
  • General Service Fee $55x16 hours = $880 (paid to UF)
  • Student Activity Fee = $50 (paid to UF)
  • PHAS 510 course fee = $190 (paid to UF)
  • ACLS and BLS = estimated $280
  • Second semester total = $17,224

Summer Semester 2024

Third Semester -Estimated

  • Tuition 11 hours x $989 hour = $10,879 (paid to UF)
  • General Service Fee $55x11 hours = $605 (paid to UF)
  • Student Activity Fee = $50 (paid to UF)
  • PHAS 520 = $190 fee (paid to UF)
  • Third semester total = $11,724

Fall Semester 2024

Fourth Semester -Estimated

  • Tuition 19 hours x $989 hour = $18,791 (paid to UF)
  • General Service Fee $55x19 hours = $1,045 (paid to UF)
  • Student Activity Fee = $50 (paid to UF)
  • PHAS 530 = $190 (paid to UF)
  • Physical exam = $150 estimated (depends on insurance/etc., may be fully covered)
  • Drug Screen = estimated $60, depends on location
  • Background check = estimated $60
  • Fourth semester total = $20,196

Spring Semester 2025

Fifth Semester -Estimated

  • Tuition 11 hours x $989 hour = $10,879 (paid to UF)
  • General Service Fee $55 x 11 hours = $605 (paid to UF)
  • Student Activity Fee = $50 (paid to UF)
  • PHAS 601 course fee = $190 (paid to UF)
  • Fifth semester total = $11,724

Summer Semester 2025

Sixth Semester -Estimated

  • Tuition 8 hours x $989 hour = $7,912 (paid to UF)
  • General Service Fee $55 x 8 = $440 (paid to UF)
  • Student Activity Fee = $50 (paid to UF)
  • PHAS 603 course fee = $190 (paid to UF)
  • Online training = varies, estimate $60
  • Six th semester total = $8,652

Fall Semester 2025

Seventh Semester -Estimated

  • Tuition 10 hours x $989 hour = $9,890 (paid to UF)
  • General Service Fee $55 x 10 hours = $550 (paid to UF)
  • Student Activity Fee = $50 (paid to UF)
  • PHAS 605 course fee = $190 (paid to UF)
  • Online training = varies, estimate $60
  • Seventh semester total = $10,740


  • Books are in an electronic format and are included in the cost of attendance (no additional fees)
  • Laptops* are required for the PA Program. Students reported prices range from $350 - 1,200
  • Traveling** expenses are around $1,800​

*Laptops and/or tablets must be Microsoft Office compatible with the most updated version and support Wi-Fi function.
**Travel expenses may vary, students report spending an average of $1,500 to $3,000 over the course of the clinical year.

All applicant should review the CAS​PA website to get information on the latest fees. 

Financial Aid
The primary responsibility for the funding of your education lies with you and your family. However, in some cases, the amount that you and your family can contribute is not sufficient to meet all of the costs of attending graduate school. Information for applying for financial aid follows.

How to Apply for Aid 

To apply for financial aid please file the Free Application for F​ederal Student Aid (FAFSA).  We recommend that you file the FAFSA as soon as possible. Please note also that the financial aid office observes deadlines for awarding of institutional aid.  You must submit the FAFSA no later than September 30 for the fall semester, no later than January 31 for the spring semester. To get the information sent directly to UF, please include our federal school code number in the school section 003045.

Financial Entrance Counseling

An entrance interview is required of students who may be borrowing funds through the Federal Direct Lending Program or Grad PLUS Loan program. The interview is designed to acquaint you with your rights and responsibilities as a borrower. You will need to take a quiz as part of the interview, and the aid office will document that you have successfully completed the entrance interview before disbursing any loan funds to your student account. At the conclusion of your college career at The University of Findlay, you will also be asked to take an exit interview. Please direct any questions about financial aid to the Office of Financial Aid, located in Old Main at 419-434-4791.

Financial Assistance

Various sources of financial assistance are available to graduate students and students already enrolled in the PA program.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 419-434-4791.