​​​​​Gerontology Minor​ & Certificate

Gerontology minor and certificate offered at the University of Findlay.Do you love to work with older adults and want make a career out of it? If so, then the University of Findlay’s gerontology program is right for you. 

The University of Findlay’s gerontology program is available as a certificate or a minor. It focuses on a multi-disciplinary study of aging, which encompasses the biological, psychological, sociological, spiritual and economic aspects of aging.

Program Design  

Our program is ideal for students pursuing a degree in other academic areas who plan to work with older adults. It is designed around the busy schedule of non-traditional students and can be taken as a two-year certificate or program or added as a minor to a bachelor’s degree. ​

The certificate program is also a great option for professionals who work with older adults and want to enhance their skills and knowledge base. The minimum eligibility requirement for the program is a high school diploma.

What You Will Learn

In the gerontology program, you will study influences on the quality of life of the elderly as well as physical and psychological aspects of aging. You also will investigate the perceptions about the elderly in various societies and how the experiences of older people differ according to culture, ethnicity, class and gender.

A certificate in gerontology will give you va​luable education and insight to best meet the needs of this booming population. 

Gerontology Minor - The gerontology minor consists of a minimum of 18 semester hours and can be paired with a variety of academic programs.

Gerontology Certificate - The gerontology certificate consists of a minimum of 18 semester hours and provides you with a tool to promote your potential within the workplace. The certificate is also awarded to students who are enrolled in a degree program with a minor in gerontology. 

Admission Requirements

The University of Findlay's gerontology program follows the general admission standards and procedures for applying to UF.

You are encouraged to visit UF and meet with a gerontology faculty member. We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our program, discuss the material you will study, introduce you to other faculty and the many opportunities you have at UF.

Be sure to schedule your visit through the office of undergraduate admissions today and request time with a gerontology faculty member!

There are no program-specific deadlines for the gerontology program at this time. 

*Photo by Randy Roberts / The Courier​​​