​​​​Social Work Program ​​Admission Information

The Social Work Program is small in nature, which allows for individual attention from the program's faculty.  

We are especially transfer friendly. When transferring, with the right combination of credits, you can complete our program in two years.

Admission to the Social Work Program

Students may declare social work as their major at any point during their academic career.  However, students are formally admitted to the Social Work Program only after several conditions have been met. These include:
  • A 2.5 grade-point average in all college-level coursework
  • A 2.75 grade-point average in all coursework in the social sciences (including social work) with no grade below a 'C'
  • Satisfactory completion of all academic competencies required by the university
  • Successful completion ('C' or better) of SOWK 101 and either s​uccessful
  • Completion of or concurrent enrollment in SOWK 310 and SOWK 360
  • Successful completion ('C' or better) of PSYC 100
  • Submission of a completed Application for Admission to the Social Work Program
  • Demonstration of a commitment to the values and ethics of the social work profession
  • Demonstration of the characteristics necessary for the profession of social work
  • Formal interview with members of the Social Work Program faculty​

Students make formal application for admission to the program when they have completed the majority of their general education requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. The application is usually made during the second semester of the second year of study.

Program faculty reviews each application separately. The final decision for each application is based on a combination of academic excellence and professional potential. If the final decision is favorable, full admission to the program is granted. If there are problematic areas, provisional admission to the program may be granted with a specific time frame allowed for corrective action. If at the end of that time, the student has successfully completed all corrective actions, full admission is granted.

Application Packets

Admission Requirements

Social Work Program Application

Social Work​ Program Reference

Transfer Students

Transferring is easy at Findlay! With nearly 60 areas of undergraduate study and 10 areas of graduate study to choose from, your transition as an Oiler transfer student will be seamless. The social work program has 2+2 agreements with many local community colleges.