Frequently Asked Questions ​About Tutoring

Am I able to schedule tutoring for any subject?
Yes, if a qualified tutor can be found. Tutors who specialize in science and math courses have various appointment times throughout the week in Starfish. If we do not have a tutor who specializes in the course you need help in, we will work with our staff to try and find someone qualified. During this process, we encourage students to work with faculty members outside of the classroom.
How can I schedule a tutoring appointment?
All group appointments are scheduled through Starfish; Directions can be found through this link. If you do not see any availability within Starfish for a course, please reach out to our Staff, who are able to see availability on the back end; Our staff can also reach out to tutors on an as-needed basis.
Can I schedule an individual tutoring appointment?
Unfortunately, we do not have individual tutoring sessions available due to the need and availability within the center. There is always a possibility of scheduling a group appointment without someone else signing up for the same time slot but meeting 1:1 with a tutor is not guaranteed.
How are tutors deemed qualified?
Tutors specialize in courses they have taken here at the University and earned a B or higher in. They must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher in order to remain eligible to tutor. Once hired, our tutors go through various training sessions, to ensure quality of work.
What is the best way to prepare for a tutoring appointment?
Please be sure to bring specific course material to your session, so the tutor is able to directly address your concerns. Along with course materials, be prepared to take notes and work alongside your tutor; They will be asking you questions, working problems out on the whiteboard, etc. The best way to utilize your time during the session is becoming an active learner.