Frequently Asked Questions ​About Tutoring

Can I get a tutor for any subject?  

Yes, if a qualified tutor can be found. Chemistry, math and writing tutors are available on a routine schedule. However, if you would like a tutor in any other course such as computer science or psychology, it could take a week or two for a tutor to be found and hired.

How do I make an appointment?  

Please go to your courses channel on Starfish and select the course you would like to schedule tutoring.  If there is a tutor available for that subject, there will be a link to schedule an appointment listed there.  This will take you directly to the schedule to choose an available appointment time. 


If we do not have a tutor available for the subject you would like, you will receive a confirmation message that we have received your request.  Please allow up to 14 days for your request to be fulfilled.  Once a tutor is available for this subject, they will appear in your courses channel. 

Who are the tutors?  

Tutors are your peers who have received an A or B in the courses they tutor and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher.

Are the tutors qualified?  

Tutors have received high recommendations from their professors and receive training.

About Study Skills

What kind of study skills help can I get?  

There are two study skills courses available. They are listed as ACAD 110 and ACAD 112 in the catalog. You can also come to the Academic Support Center where you can get academic counseling on a variety of learning issues including learning styles, textbook reading, note taking, test anxiety, learning strategies, organizational skills and so forth.

Are there study assessments I can take?  

Yes. We offer assessments in study habits, test anxiety.

About Disabilities or Special Accommodations


How do I get accommodations for a disability or special learning need?

The Office of Accommodation and Inclusion is located within the Academic Support Center on the ground floor of Old Main.  The office phone is 419-434-5532.  Accommodations are also available for temporary conditions. An example of a temporary condition would be a broken arm that would make it difficult for a student to take notes in class.


About Taking a Test


Can I take my tests at the Testing Center in the Academic Support Center?

The Academic Support Center provides a test proctoring service to faculty. Arrangements to have a test proctored at the ASC must first be cleared through your professor or the Office of Accommodation and Inclusion. Once permission is granted, you must come to the ASC to schedule the appointment for when you will have your test proctored.