​​​Mission & Goals

Academic Support Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Support Center is to provide opportunities for classes, tutoring, advising, mentoring, and specialized programs for all students to be academically successful at The University of Findlay and to collaborate with faculty, staff, and administrators to address the learning needs and academic performance of students for the purpose of student retention. 


Academic Support Center Goals

The long-term goals that flow from this mission and vision include the following: 

  • To make students the central focus of the programs 

  • To be involved in research and study to provide those services which reflect the best in academic support 

  • To provide entrance level programs that attend to the cognitive and affective learning needs of at-risk students 

  • To provide quality academic support programs for a variety of academic areas 

  • To provide innovative support programs for students in academic trouble 

  • To identify and provide support to students who may be developing academic problems 

  • To foster personal responsibility and accountability for learning 

  • To assist students in transferring learned skills and strategies to their academic work 

  • To provide services and resources to faculty, staff, and administrators that enhance and support classroom instruction, advising, and professional development 

  • To support the academic standards and requirements of The University of Findlay.​