​​​​Request a Tutoring Appointment

The University of Findlay offers free tutoring services to all students.  Students can choose to schedule a time for a face-to-face tutoring session or an online session.  Online tutoring sessions are completed through Zoom meetings.

Please go to your courses channel on Starfish and select the course you would like to schedule tutoring.  If there is a tutor available for that subject, there will be a link to schedule an appointment listed there.  This will take you directly to the schedule to choose an available appointment time. 

If there is not a tutor currently available for your course: First, click the menu button in the top left and then click Request Help. Next, click Help Me and raise the "I need tutoring" flag. Finally, you will be required to select the course you are requesting a tutor. If you are requesting tutoring in multiple courses, raise the " I need tutoring" flag for each course.  Please allow up to 14 days for your request to be fulfilled.  Once a tutor is available for this subject, they will appear in your courses channel. 

If you have questions about scheduling or finding a tutor for your course, please contact the Academic Support Center at 419-434-4697.