Chris Denecker​Welcome to Excel at Teaching: The First Annual University of Findlay Teaching Symposium sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence. The CTE has enjoyed the opportunity to participate and support the growth and development of this symposium, as its goals of highlighting and celebrating best teaching practices at UF are at the heart of the CTE’s mission. The synergy created through the interaction of staff and of faculty members from each college in planning the symposium suggests an even greater synergy that will occur when we join together in March to focus on our most important endeavor on campus: teaching and learning.

The symposium offers a unique opportunity for dialogue and exploration of the innovative efforts of faculty and staff to engage students in deep learning. The panels, participants, and conference activities promise to strengthen UF’s commitment and excitement regarding our commitment to “Excel at Teaching.” Please join us for what promises to be an invigorating, inspiring, and motivating event!


​The teaching symposium grew out of a shared idea that a platform was needed to showcase best teaching practices at the University of Findlay.  Our teachers excel at teaching, and we wanted to celebrate those successes.  We envision the Excel at Teaching symposium as promoting a dialog about teaching—a place to exchange practical strategies and encourage theoretical discussion so as to enhance our teaching and increase student learning.  We hope those who attend the symposium will come away inspired and energized for the important work they do.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Committee Members:

Allison Baer (COE) [email protected]                    
Lindsey Buddelmeyer (COHP) [email protected]
Chris Denecker (CTE) [email protected]        
Sarah Fedirka (CAHSS) [email protected]
Andrew Hvizdos (COPH) [email protected]      
Chris Mastos (CAHSS​)​ [email protected]
Helen Schneider (COS) [email protected]      
Beth Stewart (CTE) [email protected]
Chris Ward (COB) [email protected]                  
Andrew Whitis (Shafer Library) [email protected]