​​​​​​Excel@Teaching 2020

Why I Teach​

Denecker, Christine

Christine Denecker, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
Professor of English

Welcome to Excel@Teaching 2020 sponsored by the University of Findlay’s Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). This year’s theme, “Why I Teach,” puts the spotlight on the various aspects of teaching that take place all over campus—from what happens in traditional classroom settings to what occurs in other spaces of teaching and learning: study sessions, conferences, campus jobs, student groups, virtual hang-outs, and more.

Excel@Te​aching 2020 offers a unique opportunity for participants to explore and discuss best teaching practices in higher education. Whether you’re a classroom instructor, TA, part-timer, staff member, or administrator, you contribute to teaching and learning at UF, so here’s your opportunity to share why you teach.

Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and engaged as you give witness to and appreciate what it means to “Excel at Teaching,” a motto, which is at the heart of the CTE’s mission.

Thanks for being a part of this inspirational day!​

Sarah Fedirka

Sarah Fedirka, Ph.D.

Excel @ Teaching Committee Chair
Associate Professor of English
Much has changed in the world since the Excel@Teaching 2020 planning committee began its work last fall.  Nonetheless, as University of Findlay faculty and staff, our commitment to our students and to one another remains the same.  That’s why I am excited that Excel@Teaching will again occur as part of Fall Welcome Week activities.  The start of a new semester is the perfect time to consider this year’s conference theme, “Why I Teach.”  We are all teachers, whether our work occurs in a classroom, on the court or field, or at a desk in an office.  Excel@Teaching provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to share innovative teaching strategies, to exchange ideas—what worked and what didn’t, and to learn how to do what we do better. 

In addition to participating in the conference itself, I hope you’ll support the Reading Source Silent Auction. The auction returns for its third year in a new online format.  It is a chance for you to support student research at the university by bidding on new books of personal and professional interest. Last year the Reading Source auction raised over $300 for Student Academic Development. Let’s set a new record.

Excel@Teaching remains one of my favorite campus events. Each year, I come away inspired by my colleagues and energized for the work we collectively do. Whether face-to-face or virtually, I hope you will join us fall 2020 for what I know will be an afternoon of meaningful conversation about college teaching and learning at all levels. I can’t think of a better way to start the semester. I look forward to seeing you there.

University of Findlay Committee Members:

Allison Baer (College of Education) [email protected]                     ​​​ 
Drew Balduff (Shafer Library) ​[email protected]
Chris Denecker (Center for Teaching Excellence) [email protected]        
Sarah Fedirka (College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences) [email protected]
Suzanne Suroweic (College of Pharmacy) [email protected]      
Allison Kiefner-Burmeister (College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences​) [email protected]
Lisa Sakemiller (College of Health Professions) ​[email protected] 
Helen Schneider (College of Science) schneider@findl​ay.edu      
Beth Stewart (Center for Teaching Excellence) [email protected]
Brent Wickham (College of Business) [email protected]