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What is the campus-wide academic integrity training for UF students?
UF students complete online training in Canvas; you can review it whenever you need to. Learn what it means to maintain your academic integrity--not simply how to avoid academic dishonesty or what to do if you are accused of a violation. To self-enroll into the training course, Academic Integrity for UF Students, please follow these steps:
  • Log into Canvas and go to UF's Public Course Index. (See Help Guide: How do I view my institution's Public Course Index?)
  • Locate the "Academic Integrity for Students" course. Tip: search for "Academic Integrity" to filter out other courses from the list.
  • Click "Join this Course" and follow prompts to self-enroll.
  • Once enrolled, you can access the course from your dashboard.
Need Help? Watch this video to see these steps in action (no audio) or contact the Help Desk ([email protected] or 419-434-4357).
What online resources do you recommend for MLA Style?
The MLA Style Center offers many useful tools, including formatting a research paper, creating a works-cited list, using in-text citations, and other useful tools. Shafer Library has created an MLA guide as well.

What online resources do you recommend for APA Style?
All UF students have access to The Academic Writer, a subscription service provided through Shafer Library. It includes quick guides, in-depth tutorials, and samples. Shafer Library has created a APA guide as well.

What online resources do you recommend for other style manuals?
Shafer Library has created a brief AMA citation guide for American Medical Association Manual of Style. There are also a guide for Chicago Style. You may also want to use the program-specific research guides.