​​​​​​​​​Writing Center Resources for Faculty

As your students settle into their new classes, please encourage them to use the Writing Center.  

When you share information about the Writing Center early in the semester with all students, they learn that seeking feedback while completing a writing assignment is a normal and helpful tool for every writer.  

With that goal in mind, please consider taking any or all of the following steps:

  • Distribute to your class the attached informational flyer​ that describes all our session types, appointment times, and contact information.
  • Include our YouTube promotional videos in your Canvas class and/or play them during class.
    • The videos are also available as one-minute videos by topic on our Writing Center YouTube playlist, so you can select videos that best fit your classes.  For example, we have separate videos introducing undergraduate and graduate consultants. 
  • ​Invite a Writing Center consultant to visit your class early in the semester so that a consultant can introduce ways they can use the Writing Center.  These visits last 10-15 minutes. ​To schedule an in-class promotional visit, please complete the Google Doc request form.​

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