​​​​​​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions - Study Abroad

Where Can I Go?

You can go almost anywhere in the world for your education abroad experience. UF students have studied overseas in Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, England, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, S. Africa, Thailand, and many other countries in recent years.                         

How long will I be abroad?

We have a number of program opportunities of varying lengths; some as short as one week and others for an entire academic year with many in-between.  The majority of students tend to participate is programs or a 2-4 week duration.

Which Program Should I Choose?

You have many choices. You can choose to study business in Austria or Sweden, language in Spain or Japan, education in the Czech Republic or South Korea, or whatever your area of interest is in the location of your choosing. Programs can also involve service, internships, teaching, or research relative to an area of study or personal interest. The Office of International Education will help you select the program that best meets your needs, interests and personal goals.

Do I Have To Speak A Foreign Language?

No. Certainly knowing a foreign language is helpful, but most programs offer language support and many courses are taught in English.

Can I Have My Credits Transferred?

Yes, you can. If you attend an accredited program, you may receive transfer credits for general education and major requirements. You will need to be aware of the necessary procedures to follow at Findlay and while abroad to make sure that you receive the appropriate credit. The Office of International Education can help you with that.

Will I Still Be Able To Graduate On Time?

Absolutely. To be certain of this, the majority of students at UF elect to participate in international programs during holiday breaks or during the summer term so as not to extend their time at UF.  Studying abroad for a semester or even a year is also very possible and can be completed in a way that will still allow students to graduate "on time."  It takes some extra planning, but there is no reason why time abroad should delay graduation.

Can I Afford It?

Costs and financial aid for study abroad vary significantly. Students may use federal and state aid and there are many scholarships available. The needs and qualifications of each student are determined on an individual basis. For details, please contact the Office of International Education or the Office of Financial Aid.

Will It Help Me In My Career?

Of course! With the world getting smaller, many employers consider overseas experience invaluable. It may be the one aspect of your resume that separates you from all of the other candidates competing for a job or applying for graduate school.

Additional Questions?

​Contact Johnathan Ferraro, Associate Vice President for Student Life | [email protected] |  419-434-4570​ ​