​​Mission & Goals


The mission of the Office of International Education is to prepare those in the university community to be successful members of the diverse, interconnected world of the 21st century. As such, the office aids members of the Findlay community as they work to:
  • ​Understand their own cultural identity;
  • Develop awareness and appreciation of the commonalities and differences among and within cultures;
  • Build their intercultural skills and competence;
  • Gain knowledge about global issues and understand how actions in one part of the world impact others; and
  • Contribute positively to our global society.  


  • Creating and supporting new and existing overseas programs​ that help students understand their place in the interconnected world
  • ​​​Promoting a campus environment that is open to and inclusive of all people 
  • Supporting the internationalization of the academic curriculum and co-curricular programming
  • Promoting opportunities for international professional development of faculty and staff 
  • ​Nurturing exchange agreements with overseas institutions