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The University of Findlay offers an ever-g​​rowing number of international study and service options. Some of these programs are major-specific while others provide valuable cross-disciplinary cultural exploration. The best way to begin your program search is to consider what your interests and goals are and what area of the world you would most like to explore or engage. ​​

Explore the information provided below. You can search by destination, area of study, program length, program term or any combination. ​
Click on​ the photos to learn more about each program.

Additional Opportunities with UF Partner Providers can be viewed by scrolling down the page and clicking on the provider links.


As international travel to targetted locations resumes in the Spring/Summer of 2022, we look forward engaging the world with the following programs:                                                       

  • Ecuador Scholars' Program (application deadline - Dec. 1, 2023)
  • Seville Scholars' Program (application deadline - Dec. 1, 2023)
  • Rakuno-Gakuen Animal Science Study Tour (tentative application deadline - Jan 14, 2024)
  • Oilers Serving Abroad International Service Program (tentative application deadline Jan. 14, 2024)
  • Kake Bridge Program (deadline to apply (application deadline - March 1, 2024)​​

Your adventure starts now!  
Take a look around this site and then contact the Office of International Education.  
Let us help get you started on your journey!!


Additional Opportunities

   Had your heart or mind set on a different location?  Interested in pursuing opportunities to earn credit, complete an internship, or serve in a

   international location not listed above as a current UF offering? ​

   A variety of additional programs in locations around the world are available through our UF Affiliated Partner Providers.

   Click the links below to discover the possibilities with:

   ISA     International Studies Abroad​ 

   IFSA   Institute for Study Abroad​

   AIFS   American Institute for Foreign Study​

   SSA    Spanish Studies Abroad

   CIEE  ​​​ College Studies Abroad​



Eileen Rucki, Director of International Education | [email protected] | 419-434-5911

Paige Steyer, Graduate Assistant - Office of International Education | [email protected] ​