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Study Abroad Opportunities
The University of Findlay's Office of International Education offers an ever-growing number of international study and service options. Some of these programs are major-specific while others provide valuable cross-disciplinary cultural exploration. The best way to begin your program search is to consider what your interests are and what area of the world you would most like to explore or engage. 

Study Abroad Options


The University of Findlay offers study abroad programs across the globe. ​There are a multitude of opportunities beyond those that are listed here. If you do not see a particular area of interest, please contact the Office of International Education and let us help you discover what is possible.

​​Major/Subject Area Specific or for All Majors (including Service Abroad)

​You can take courses abroad to fulfill general education requirements while learning about new cultures, or you can travel with a program whose content is major specific to gain insight into how your field operates on an international scale and earn course credit.

Program Length

​​Students can participate in short-term programs (4 weeks or less) or long-term experiences which last a semester or full academic year.​


​Short and long term programs are available throughout the academic calendar year (August 1st- July 31st) during fall, spring, and summer terms.  Short term programs within a semester occur during the holiday breaks. A number of UF's  credit-earning programs (scholars' programs and major specific study tours) involve participation in a spring term preparatory course culminating in the international travel experience in May or June.

Dream Big!!​

​Your Journey Begins Here!

Explore the information provided below. Click in the boxes to learn more about each program, then contact the International Education Office and let us help get you started on your journey.

All Majors - European Scholars' Program

Austria and Czech Republic

​​​​​​​​​​Students interested in this program will have the opportunity to travel to the Czech Republic and Austria and engage in partner sponsored activities that include local business education, business practices, global trends, and much more. This program also includes International Teaching Days and a Cross-Cultural Business Conference at the University of Applied Sciences in beautiful historic Steyr, Austria. Students participate in a spring term course which prepares them for the travel that occurs in May. 3 credit hours are available.

All Majors - Ireland Scholars


​​​​​​​​The Ireland Scholars' Program allows students to experience the beauty and hospitable culture of Ireland. View beautiful historic castles and ruins, study and interact with students from historic Carlow College in southeast Ireland and learn about the rich history​ of the Emerald Isle. Participants will meet during the spring term to prepare for this 3-week program. Anticipated travel dates are June 1 - 21. 3 CORE+ U1 credit hours are available. 

All Majors - Japan

Chiba, Daito Bunka, Fukui, Okayama

​​​With four locations in Japan, Findlay students have their choice of general study abroad opportunity. Students will take classes at the city's corresponding university, have the opportunity to travel and experience Japanese culture. This semester-long opportunity takes place in the fall and spring semesters and credit hours earned can be transferred back to Findlay. 

All Majors - KAKE Bridge Program

​​​​​Students of any major interested in an amazing cultural experience can apply for this program during which participants travel and visit a variety of locations in Japan, attend programs on Japanese culture/society, participate in discussion groups, visit companies and schools (universities, high schools, vocational schools), take sightseeing trips (e.g., Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kyushu), participate in local community events (e.g., summer festivals) and weekend-long home-stay programs. This 3-week program takes place mid-June through mid-July. A 3-day tour of Tokyo is an optional add-on to this program.

All Majors - London Scholars

London, England
​​​​​​​Be part of a faculty-led student cohort in London, a modern metropolis with an incredibly rich history and a population of 8 million individuals from all around the world. This is an excellent opportunity to see new and interesting sites while absorbing the local culture. Students participate in a spring term course to develop personal project plans and prepare for this 3-week experience that takes place between May-June. 3 credit hours are available.

All Majors - Seville Scholars

Seville, Spain

​​​​​Explore the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region and earn college credit by participating in the Seville Scholars’ Program! Enjoy the subtropical Mediterranean climate of this historic city as part of a UF faculty-led student cohort. Preparation occurs during regular meetings during the spring term. The 3-week travel experience occurs in May-June. 3 credit hours are available

All Majors - Vietnam Scholars' Program

​​​Vietnam Scholars is a UF faculty-led program that explores the mountains of Sapa, the valleys and caves of Hoa Binh, the industrial province of Hai Duong, and the emerald waters of HaLong Bay. This is an excellent opportunity to complete an independent research project of your choosing, view the beautifully diverse landscape of this incredible nation. 


All Majors- University of Roehampton

London, England

​​​This semester-long opportunity is offered in the fall and spring semester and students can earn between 12 -15 credit hours. 

Animal Science - Ecuador Scholars


​Ecuador Scholars - The emphasis for the 2020 Ecuador Scholars will be on animal science and native animal species. Cultural interactions and excursions will be included.  Accept​​ed students will be registered for a spring term course which includes program preparation. 1-3 credit hours are available. 

Animal Science - Loop Abroad

Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Amazon/Galapagos

​​​​​​​Work with small, large, and exotic animals, enjoy unique experiences and earn college credit in various locations around the world! This study abroad opportunity with our partner, Loop Abroad, provides a myriad​ of options for international engagement. Short term (summer) and long term (semester) programs place animal science/pre-vet majors alongside veterinarians in international sanctuaries, clinics, and animal hospitals. General education, CORE+ and Animal Science/Pre-vet credit is available.

Loop Abroad program details are available at loopabroad.com

Animal Science - Rakuno Gakuen

Hokkaido Japan

​​This is an ​international academic exchange program for Animal Science/Pre-Vet majors. The program involves preparation during the spring semester culminating in travel to Japan for a 3-week span between May and June. 3 credit hours are available.

Business - Salzburg College

Salzburg, Austria

​​​​​This international program with our partner, Salzburg College, is designed to support students in feeling as though they have truly relocated their life and education to Central Europe and have become part of the local culture. This semester-long experience is available for fall or spring terms and offers the opportunity for students to earn 12-15 credit hours while abroad.

Business - University West, Sweden

Trollhattan, Sweden

UF students interested in University West have the opportunity to study business management in beautiful Trollhattan, Sweden. ​​As part of an exchange agreement between the universities, UF students can participate in a semester long experience in either the fall or spring terms. A full semester equivalent of 12-15 credit hours can be earned while abroad and be transferred to UF to maintain students on the path to graduation.

Business - Upper Austria

Steyr, Austria

​​​Business majors...meet students from around the world as part of this international study program. This opportunity is available via an exchange agreement between the University of Findlay and the University of Applied Science in Upper Austria, an international business school for students from around the world. This semester-long study abroad opportunity allows students to earn credits that meet UF business major and/or graduation requirements.  

Education - Czech Republic

Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

​​​Findlay's College of Education offers a unique experience where students can complete their student teaching abroad! This semester-long experience is offered in the fall and spring, and credits can be transferred to Findlay. 

Education - Japan

Fukui, Japan

​​​​Students in the College of Education have the chance to learn about and engage in the ​culture of Japan and experience the educational system in this east Asian country by interacting with teachers and students in the local school. ​This 3-week experience occurs in mid-late May and is part of an exchange program between the University of Findlay and the University of Fukui. 

Education - South Korea

Chinju, South Korea

​Students in the College of Education​ have the chance to participate in this international exchange program between the University of Findlay and Chinju National University of Education, S. Korea. This 2-3 week teaching experience takes place June-July. Participants are provided the opportunity to learn about and engage in the ​culture of S. Korea and experience the educational system through interactions with teachers and students in the local school. ​

Equestrian - English Riding

Warendorf, Germany

​​​Explore the international sport of riding in the heart of the German ​​equestrian world. Students attend classes, ride, participate in stable management, and can test for prestigious European medals. This is a unique opportunity for University of Findlay students. This 2-week experience occurs in December during the holiday break. 3 credit hours are available.

Equine Business - German Immersion Program

Nurtingen-Geislingen, Germany

​​​​​​​This culturally immersive program provides students interested in the equine industry the opportunity to learn about equine business practices and stable management in an international setting. This 10-day experience takes place in June.  3 credit hours are available.

Italy Scholars' Program

​​​​​​Explore Venice, Florence and Rome and earn college credit by participating in the Italy Scholars’ Program! Enjoy the subtropical Mediterranean climate of these historic cities as part of a small UF faculty-led student cohort. Complete a personal research project as you visit where Venetian dukes once ruled, stroll across the medieval Ponte Vecchio, and stand in the former epicenter of gladiatorial combat in the Colosseum. Explore ​Renaissance artworks like Michelangelo’s statue of David and Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. 

Nursing - Japan Study Tour

Fukui, Japan

​​Findlay nursing students can experience nursing in a different cultural context and gain intercultural experiences through participation in this reciprocal 3-week exchange program with Fukui Prefectural University in western Japan. The program takes place from mid-late May following preparation meetings which occur during the spring term. 

Pharmacy - India APPE Experience


​​​​​​​​​​​Pharmacy students in their P-6 year can complete an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) during this study abroad opportunity in India. A small group of students accompanied by a pharmacy faculty advisor completes hospital rounds, attend lectures, and learns about non-western medicinal practices. This 3-week experience occurs in December during the holiday break.

Pharmacy - Kyushu International Experience

Nobeoka City, Japan
​​​​​​​Hosted by UF's exchange partner, ​the​​ Kyushu University of Health and Welfare, this international opportunity for Pharmacy students provides a platform that allows for the sharing of research, pharmacy practice, educational methods and culture. This 3-week experience takes place May-June with group preparation meetings during the spring term. 3 credit hours are available. 

Service - All Majors - Global Village

Annual Locations Vary

​​​​​This global volunteer service opportunity is part of the international branch of Habitat for Humanity. Each year, the University of Findlay offices of International Education and Service and Community Engagement coordinate and build a team of interested students and UF faculty/staff who travel to an international location to explore a new culture and ​serve others through the improvement or construction of "places to call home" ​​for members of the local community. ​​

Service - All Majors - Oilers Serving Abroad ("OSA")

Dominican Republic, Ecuador

​​​This student-led service program aims at bringing together students and faculty/staff ​​to serve and learn together in a new country and culture. Four programs, each lasting 8-10 days, are offered in the school year during breaks in the academic calendar - winter break, spring break, and summer break.




Eileen Rucki, Director of International Education | [email protected] | 419-434-5911

Chrysta Blechschmid, Graduate Assistant - Office of International Education | [email protected] ​