​Kiwibot FAQs​​

​Do I have to have a Kiwibot subscription to get my food delivered?

Those on a meal plan MUST have a Kiwibot subscription to use the food delivery system. Those not on a meal plan can choose to purchase a subscription to save on fees, or simply pay the $2 delivery fee and 10% service charge each delivery.  

Can I use meal swipes to pay for my order?

Currently, you can use Derrick Dollars, a credit card, or Apple/Samsung Pay. The meal swipe feature is coming soon to the Everyday app, allowing Henderson Dining Hall to be a pick-up and delivery option.

Where do I meet the Kiwibot to pick up my order?

When placing your order on the Everyday app, you will select the pick-up location you'd like to receive your food. We have lots of pick-up locations around campus so feel free to pick the closest one to you!

How do I know when the Kiwibot is arriving with my order?

Upon placing your order, you will receive a text with a link to track your order in real time. You will be notified when the Kiwibot is approaching your pick-up location. You will then receive instructions to open the lid and retrieve your order!​