​​Dining Plans

Resident Dining Plan

When you live on campus in one of the residence halls, you can choose one of three dining plans (see below). Each plan is designed to give you the flexibility that meets your lifestyle. All three meal plans are the same price, $2,555. The cost of the plan is already included in your on-campus housing fees.

PlanMealsBonus Bucks
Pal Passes
119 per week
$100 per semester
5 per semester
214 per week$200 per semester5 per semester
310 per week$250 per semester5 per semester

The Arch Plan

On-Campus and Commuting Plan  

Available to all commuters and sophomores, juniors and seniors living on campus in apartment-style housing.
The Arch Plan is $1,165 per semester and is added to your university account. 

PlanMealsBonus Bucks
Pal Passes
45 per week
$400 per semester
3 per semester

Universal Dining Plan

This the perfect plan for commuters who live outside the city limits or those students whose schedule varies each week. There is no start time or ending time for this plan. Meals and dollars rollover semester-to-semester until graduation.

Customize Your Plan

Create your perfect plan in groups of 10 meals for $79/group. If you would like to start with 30 meals, you would purchase three groups of 10 meals for $237. When you use up all your meals you can then purchase another group of 10 meals. Increase your dining options by opening a Derrick Dollars account.

PlanMealsDerrick Dollars
The Oiler Plan
150 Meals
$200 per semester
The Black Plan
50 Meals
$150 per semester
The Orange Plan
10 Meals
$100 per semester

Bonus Bucks and Derrick Dollars are not the same. Bonus Bucks are included in the Residential Dining Plan and can be used in place of cash at any participating on or off-campus location. One Bonus Buck equals one dollar of purchasing power. At the end of the semester, any remaining balance does not rollover.

Derrick Dollars can be purchased to enhance your dining plan. Derrick Dollars can be used at any participating on or off-campus location and never expire with an active University of Findlay ID.

Note: Both meal plan and Derrick Dollars are accepted at all participating locations whenever open. Meal plan and Derrick Dollars remain in your account until used or graduation. Any remaining balance may be refunded with a 10% handling charge.

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