Missing Person Notification Policy

1. Any individual contacting The University of Findlay to report a missing student will be referred to the Office of Safety and Security (located in Lovett Residence Hall) so an official report can be filed.  Once the missing student report is filed with the Office of Safety and Security, the matter will be immediately communicated to the (1) the Director of Safety and Security, and (2) the Vice President for Student Affairs.

2. The Office of Safety and Security will immediately initiate an investigation of the matter and will attempt to contact the missing student by utilizing the emergency contact information that was provided by the student.  Emergency contact information is collected annually from each student.  If the student reported as missing is under the age of 18 and is not emancipated, the University must notify the custodial parent, guardian, or contact person designated in University records.

3. If attempts to contact/locate the missing student are unsuccessful, the Director of Safety and Security, the Vice President for Student Affairs, and/or his designee will notify local law enforcement that the student is missing.  At that point, all information regarding the matter will be provided to local law enforcement and the University will assist local law enforcement as requested until the matter is resolved.