​​​Security on Campus

University of Findlay is patrolled 24 hours a day by Campus Police and Campus Security personnel. 

Students are expected and required to follow directions given by the Campus Police and Campus Security Officers. Security officers are staff members, not police officers.


The security officers’ regular duties include monitoring parking lots and campus walkways, locking doors, and escorting students who need to walk through campus alone and responding to emergency situations when they occur.


Police assistance is also readily available. 

University of Findlay police and security personnel have a close working relationship with the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office. These agencies are utilized when needed. Since University Security personnel are not police officers, they do not have the authority to legally arrest an individual. However, security officers will detain individuals suspected of criminal activity and call upon the local law enforcement agencies to officially arrest such individuals as needed.


Campus Police and Campus Security at University of Findlay is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Security will call the appropriate law enforcement agency, Findlay Fire Department, or EMS if they are needed to handle the emergency. In campus living units, Resident Assistants are trained to handle emergencies and know what channels to go through in the event of an emergency.


Campus walkways are illuminated at night, and a continual effort is being made to identify areas which need more lighting.


Residence halls are locked at 9 p.m., allowing for key access by residents only. 

They are​ unlocked again at approximately 7 a.m. During non-visitation hours all guests of the opposite sex in a residence hall must be escorted by a resident of that hall. Lack of an escort helps identify those individuals who may not have any reason to be in the halls and who may cause a security problem.


Student Resident Assistants and Resident Directors help monitor the presence of visitors, particularly during the evening hours. They also report all infractions of University residence hall policy to the Office of Student Affairs. The Residence Life Staff is trained in the policies for reporting crime to both the campus security personnel and to the local law enforcement agencies. These policies are reviewed with the Residence Life Staff each year and are part of their official training manuals.


Fire drills are held twice each year by the Residence Life Staff. 

Residence halls are equipped with hallway smoke detectors and pull stations which are connected to a central system in order to notify all residents of an alarm. In addition, individual rooms are equipped with non-system smoke detectors for the safety of those within the room. All students must leave the building when an alarm sounds.