Master of Science in Applied Security and Analytics

Enhance your current IT knowledge through Findlay’s Master of Science in Applied Security and Analytics. Our advanced courses in leadership, big data and cybersecurity will expand your business skills in accounting, finance, security and project management.

Job Outlook

Digital Risk Officer

Must meet the ever-growing need for consistent, organization-wide responses to digital business risk. It is estimated that by 2017, one third of large companies that have a digital component will have a digital risk officer role, or equivalent.
Earning potential - over $150,000

Analytics Practice Leaders

Have a key competitive priority of being able to capture and synthesize massive amounts of data now available from customer interactions, supply chain feedback and other sources.
Earning potential - over $100,000

Chief Digital Officer

Tech-savvy individuals who understand the business and the vision of an organization so they can develop effective strategies for mobile and digital platforms.
Earning potential - $148,000 to $280,000

Chief Information Security Officer

Develop contingency plans and manage security breaches and maintain policies to protect privacy, brand reputation and customer trust.
Earning potential - over $130,000

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The Master of Science in Applied Security and Analytics is an affiliated Professional Science Master's program.
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