BRITE Center

​Business Resource for Innovation, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurship Center

The BRITE (Business Resource for Innovation, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurship) Center is located in the Garner Trucking Big Ideas Incubator, Room 223 on the second floor of the Center for Student Life and College of Business building.

Have a big idea?

Dream of being a business owner?

Want to be an entrepreneur?

The BRITE Center will provide programs, events, speakers, competitions, mentors, and support to students, and alumni who are eagerly interested in entrepreneurship. No matter where you are in the process of starting your own business, the BRITE Center can assist you!

This program allows students of any major to receive assistance, and guidance if they want to start their own business.

We are currently seeking mentors, who would be available if a student would have a business idea in the same genre of business you are in. Please contact us if you feel that this would be something you could help with, or feel free to pass along contact information for other professionals I might be able to reach out to.


Events will also be hosted by the BRITE Center, including 'pitch night' where young innovators can pitch their ideas. Current business owners and business professionals will provide feedback and advice for the student participant.  


Competitions will include the Innovation Challenge. Campus-wide involvement involving student-athletes, health care professionals, educators, and equine and animal science majors will help build the entrepreneurial mindset of all students. 


Mentors will provide both professional support and an experience-based leadership opportunity for our community to connect with students. Multiple genres of professionals have volunteered to mentor, and have a broad base of experience, from foodservice to health department codes, and youth involvement, and legal liabilities. When professionals show interest in mentoring, an intake of professional skill sets is collected and we hope to connect students with professionals that can provide professional guidance and experience-based opportunities to grow and learn.


Our guest speakers will be business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and providers of professional assistance to those that want to become an entrepreneur and would like to make their idea an innovative breakthrough. Students have already begun taking advantage of various services offered within the BRITE Center.

Some of the topics students have learned about and are able to apply to the development of their business include the following: timeline for building a business, partnering versus sole proprietorship, self-innovated business model versus franchise, self-funding versus business loans.

Innovations. Ideas. Goals. Business Plan. Money. Team. Scalability.

Multiple degrees at Findlay allow you to work as a business owner upon certification. At the BRITE Center, we offer assistance on starting your own business and helping you explore your own profession/idea/dream/goal. This can become a profitable business that is supported by knowledgeable staff, resources in the community, all done with help from our successful mentors! Entrepreneurship will be knocking at your door, will you answer?

Services Provided

  • 3D Printing
  • Business plan completion
  • Connect with a mentor
  • Speakers and presentations
  • Review and analysis profit potential
  • Assist with market research
  • Guidance through steps to establish federal, state, and local due diligence
  • Other services as needed

​BRITE (Business Resource for Innovation, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurship) Center

Where innovation and entrepreneurship shine.

CBSL Room 223: Garner Trucking Big Ideas Incubator
Contact Us: [email protected]