​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dana Scholars Program​

​​Connecting higher education with the real world of business

The Dana Scholars Program provides an opportunity for business students to connect higher education with the real world of business. A 1991 donation from the Dana Corporation established the Dana Chair to utilize the “Executive-in-Residence" concept on campus. The program officially started in 1995 with the original intent that the Dana Chair would provide leader​​ship in bonding education and business.


Every year a Dana Chair is selected by the Dean of the College of Business​ to serve as a team builder and provide leadership in the undergraduate business program. A group of 10 outstanding business students are selected every year based on their academic achievements and leadership skills. During the fall semester, the group meets once a week with the Dana Chair for the Business in Action course (BUAD​ 495​), which was redesigned for Dana Scholars only with the purpose of exposing these students to a more action-oriented learning experience. At the Dana Chair's discretion, guest speakers from various levels of business are brought in and class trips are taken to area businesses.​

Providing students with experiential learning opportunities ​for over 20 years!​

In 2016, the Dana Scholars Program celebrated it's 20th anniversary. Watch the video below to hear what it's like to be part of the program from past chairs and scholars​.​


Dana Event 22 - Dana Chairs.jpg1614614183893.jpeg

2022 Dana Chair: ​

Angela DeBoskey​ 

CEO of the United Way of Hancock County

2022 Dana Scholars

Andrew Codita

Colin Moats

Gracie Clement

Dylan Gray

Joseph Sadowski

Joshua Kilgore

Laiying Alvarado Alvarez

Max Burhenn

Nick Milluzzi

Timothy Stollings

Past Dana Chairs

1995-96: Dr. Ed Heminger

1996-97: Charles "Chuck" Younger

1997-98: Carl Patterson

1998-99: Girard "Jerry" Jetton

1999-2000: Bill Glover

2000-01: Alec Reinhardt

2001-02: John Fahl

2002-03: F. Alan "Al" Blackburn

2003-04: Dave Healy

2004-05: Dave Healy

2005-06: Pauline "PJ" Milligan

2006-07: William E. "Bill" Ruse

2007-08: Charles "Chuck" Bishop

2008-09: Ann Buis

2010: William E. "Bill" Ruse

2011: L. Kent Rogers

2012: Ray Q. Scholes

2013: Richard E. "Dick" White

2014: Sherri Garner Brumbaugh

2015: Harold "Puck" Rowe Sr.

Spring 2016: W. Paul Worstell

Fall 2016: Richard P. Zunkiewicz

Spring 2017: James C. Koehler II & Andrea "Anni" Nicole Kramer

Fall 2017: Dr. William H. Kose

Spring 2018: Katherine Kreuchauf

Fall 2018: Gregory F. Hull

Fall 2019: Eugene Alan Fernandez, CIA

2020: Eric Anderson

2021: Scott L. Rhodes