​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dana Scholars Program​

​​Connecting higher education with the real world of business

The Dana Scholars Program provides an opportunity for business students to connect higher education with the real world of business. A 1991 donation from the Dana Corporation established the Dana Chair to utilize the “Executive-in-Residence" concept on campus. The program officially started in 1995 with the original intent that the Dana Chair would provide leader​​ship in bonding education and business.


Every year a Dana Chair is selected by the Dean of the College of Business​ to serve as a team builder and provide leadership in the undergraduate business program. A group of 10 outstanding business students are selected every year based on their academic achievements and leadership skills. During the fall semester, the group meets once a week with the Dana Chair for the Business in Action course (BUAD 495​), which was redesigned for Dana Scholars only with the purpose of exposing these students to a more action-oriented learning experience. At the Dana Chair's discretion, guest speakers from various levels of business are brought in and class trips are taken to area businesses.​

Providing students with experiential learning opportunities ​for over 20 years!​

In 2016, the Dana Scholars Program celebrated it's 20th anniversary. Watch the video below to hear what it's like to be part of the program from past chairs and scholars​.​



2019 Dana Chair: 

​Eugene Alan Fernandez, CIA

Retired ​Business Process Improvement Manager

Marathon Petroleum Company

  • 2019 Dana Scholars

    Sydney Brown
    Major: Accounting - finance & managerial
    Minor: Finance

    Jenna Lynn Delarber
    Major: Managerial Accounting & Finance

    Parker David Gdula
    Major: Financial Accounting
    Minor: Finance

    Tyler David Glander
    Major: Business Management & Human Resource Management

    Laura J. Harper
    Major: Financial Accounting & Finance
    Minor: Economics

    Hannah Kieffer
    Major: Business Management & Marketing

    Stephen Jonathan Markley
    Major: Finance

    Drew D. Prater
    Major: Sport & Event Management, & Operations & Logistics

    Makenna L. Ricker
    Major: Accounting - finance & managerial
    Minor: Finance

    Sullivan Kay Sanders
    Major: Marketing

  • Past Dana Chairs

    1995-96: Dr. Ed Heminger

    1996-97: Charles "Chuck" Younger

    1997-98: Carl Patterson

    1998-99: Girard "Jerry" Jetton

    1999-2000: Bill Glover

    2000-01: Alec REinhardt

    2001-02: John Fahl

    2002-03: F. Alan "Al" Blackburn

    2003-04: Dave Healy

    2004-05: Dave Healy

    2005-06: Pauline "PJ" Milligan

    2006-07: William E. "Bill" Ruse

    2007-08: Charles "Chuck" Bishop

    2008-09: Ann Buis

    2010: William E. "Bill" Ruse

    2011: L. Kent Rogers

    2012: Ray Q. Scholes

    2013: Richard E. "Dick" White

    2014: Sherri Garner Brumbaugh

    2015: Harold "Puck" Rowe Sr.

    Spring 2016: W. Paul Worstell

    Fall 2016: Richard P. Zunkiewicz

    Spring 2017: James C. Koehler II & Andrea "Anni" Nicole Kramer

    Fall 2017: Dr. William H. Kose

    Spring 2018: Katherine Kreuchauf

    Fall 2018: Gregory F. Hull