​​​​Healthcare Management Strand - Degree Completion​

The University of Findlay offers a bachelor of science in business management with an emphasis in healthcare management for students seeking an enhanced business degree and career success in healthcare.

The healthcare industry is expanding at a rapid pace to keep up with patient demands. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects healthcare employment will grow by 22 percent within the decade, as there is a strong need for managers to help lead the industry in its expansion. A business degree with an emphasis in healthcare management positions graduates for healthcare leadership roles. 

As a part of the online bachelor's degree completion program, the online healthcare management degree incorporates core business management curriculum along with healthcare management courses for a more focused academic experience. ​​The 63 semester hours required for the degree completion program consist of 21 semester hours of general education and 42 semester hours of major courses. All courses are worth three semester hours. General education courses are interdisciplinary in nature, integrating two or more academic areas. Some courses from four-year institutions may be transferred to substitute some of the 63 hours required for the degree completion program. A minimum of 30 hours must be taken at the University of Findlay.  

Healthcare Management Strand Courses

BSAD 400: Business Research
BSAD 416: Management of Human Capital
BSAD 425: Business Law and Regulations
HCMG 365: Organization and Administration of Healthcare
HCMG 375: Healthcare Information Management
HCMG 420: Healthcare Finance
HCMG 430: Healthcare Policy and Strategy

Bachelor's Degree Completion Courses
Required General Education Courses 

BSLA 270: Power in Society: Use and Abuse
BSLA 280: Enduring Issues in World Religions
BSLA 301: Arts and Culture
BSLA 304: Analytical Skills
BSLA 314: Applied Statistics
BSLA 320: Communication for Professionals

Select one of the following:
BSLA 315: E-Rhetoric
BSLA 316: E-Poetics

Required Business Core Courses
BSAD 300: Economics
BSAD 315: Management of Organizations 
BSAD 320: Marketing Management
BSAD 350: International Business
BSAD 375: Managerial Accounting
BSAD 380: Finance
BSAD 390: Operations Management and Logistics 

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