​​​​​​​​​​Business Administration

The University of Findlay's Master of Business Administration Program is designed to prepare future business leaders through a comprehensive curriculum focused on personal and professional development. The integrative nature of the curriculum seeks to link theory with practice, as well as address current and emerging issues such as total quality management and global competitiveness.

In the standard business administration concentration, you will be introduced to the functional activities of organizations, learn managerial skills and the use of analytical tools for decision making and have an opportunity to apply what they have learned in various settings.​

Master of Business Administration Core Courses

MBA 610: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
MBA 618: Finance Management
MBA 620: Management of Human Resources
MBA 630: Marketing Management and Planning

MBA 638: Decision-Making in Financial Management
MBA 640: Research for Decision Making
MBA 649: Ethics and Legal En​vironment
MBA 650: Operations Management and Systems Analysis
MBA 665: Management of Information and Technology
MBA 670: Accounting for Managers
MBA 700: Business Strategy and Implementation

​Optional second concentrations

Students seeking additional expertise in a specific area can earn a second concentration. The following curriculum is needed to complete a second concentration for the MBA program:

MBA 648: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
MBA 654: Risk Management

Human Resource Management
MBA 622: Contracts and Labor Relations
MBA 624: Organizational and Human Resource Development

International Business
MBA 660: International Business
MBA 664: International Trade and Marketing

MBA 634: Seminar in Marketing and Promotion
MBA 662: International Marketing

Operations Management
MBA 627: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
(This course is designed to achieve an industrial Green Belt certificate while fulfilling the MBA requirements for a second concentration.)
MBA 628: ISO 9000 and Lean Manufacturing
(This course is designed to achieve an ISO 9000 Internal Auditor certificate and a certificate in Lean Manufacturing while fulfilling the MBA requirements for a second concentration.)