​​​Mission ​& Goals

The Master of Business Administration program at the University of Findlay is designed to equip the student with skills that can be directly applied in the workplace. The integrative nature of the curriculum seeks to link theory with practice, as well as address current and emerging issues such as total quality management and global competitiveness.

Our Mission

The mission of the Master of Business Administration program is to innovate business education for life and inspire generations of impactful business professionals.

Our Vision

Compassion – respectful, trusting, honest, & supportive
Balance – self-care, empathy & smart work
Innovation – continually adapting to change
Accountability – taking whole-hearted responsibility​​

Our Goals

Students graduating from the MBA program are expected to achieve each of the College of Business’s five program goals:

Goal 1: To demonstrate qualities of leadership, professionalism and teamwork in making ethical business decisions.

Goal 2: To communicate effectively in a variety of business settings.

Goal 3: To function productively in a diverse, dynamic global economic environment.

Goal 4: To identify, analyze and solve business-related problems, as well as pursue business opportunities proactively.

Goal 5: To exhibit knowledge, skills and technical competencies appropriate to general business fields and the students' chosen MBA concentration(s). ​​