​​​​​​​​​​​The Oiler 10

​​A student-run, faculty mentored marketing & consulting agency​

The Oiler 10 is a student-run, faculty-mentored marketing and consulting agency, where students gain authentic hands-on experience by ​providing support and solutions to real businesses and organization​s. The group also has opportunities to travel and learn from agencies and businesses around the country. 

Since the agency functions as a real business, the students peer evaluate each other's performance, assess potential candidates, and make decisions as to who is hired into the group. Students can earn credit hours for participating in the group or participate in the group as an extracurricular activity. Depending on a student's performance with the agency and their personal commitment to the group, they can spend anywhere between a semester to three years in the group.


​​​The team provides a variety of services within the categories of:

  • ​​​​​​​Social media management​
  • Digital marketing

  • Brand development​

  • Market research

  • Business development

Our Clients​

Since starting in 2016, the group has worked with a variety of​ businesses across the United States, which include the areas like​:

  • Hydraulics

  • Protein supplement

  • Sustainability

  • Professional football​

Oiler 10 Alumni​

With the experience our Oiler 10 members gain from working in the agency, they stand out after they graduate. Learn about some of our Oiler 10 alum and how being a member positively impacted their careers​:

"Looking back at college and the opportunities I had to prepare myself for the real world, I think about how lucky I was to be a part of the Oiler10. The best part about the Oiler10 was the dynamic of students willing to learn and grow every day, all in coming together over the years to become closer."
Pete Burkett '18
Business Development, Monitored Therapeutics Inc. in Dublin, Ohio
Major: Business Management & Marketing
Years in Oiler 10: 2016 - 2018

​"Every single day, the Oiler10 gave me the opportunity to work with external businesses to find my passion points, expand my skillsets, add value to business and customers, and to ultimately learn the skills you can't learn in a classroom. Every single day, the Oiler10 allowed me to build relationships with remarkable, high-energy people; the kind that inspired me to push on. As I developed personally and professionally, opportunities started coming and to be honest, some are still coming."
Kelsey Koesters '18
Marketing Project Specialist, Crown Equipment Corporation in New Bremen, Ohio
Major: Marketing

Years in Oiler 10: 2016 - 2018

"The culture and growth opportunities are what makes The Oiler 10 special. It is a group of ambitious college students that are determined to get the most value they can out of their education and set themselves up for meaningful lives and productive careers upon graduation. When you place 10+ of these like-minded students in a group, it creates a culture that is absolutely remarkable to be a part of. You can't help but want to put forth your best effort and ensure you are squeezing all you can out of each day. It goes beyond just 'doing work' as well, it's about having fun as a group and loving the work you do. The personal and professional growth is a byproduct of the culture; you are put in a position to learn more about your career field of interest and are exposed to things that help you grow as an individual."
Rob Book '19
eCommerce Digital Analyst for Express in Columbus, Ohio
Major: Marketing

Years in Oiler 10: 2018 - 2019

How to Apply

Every semester The Oiler 10 accepts applications to join the agency from students who want to #disruptED. You can follow them on Twitter​ and Instagram and on their student-created​ website ​to learn about opportunities to ap​ply.​

For additional questions about The Oiler 10, please contact Carla Treadway at [email protected].