​​​​​AYA Integrated Language​ Arts​

 Teach English to students in 7th grade, 8th grade and high school.

In a world full of memes and 140 character maximums, you can help young adults make their voice heard in a well constructed, creative way. Young people are full of ideas about the world around them, whether its a review of the latest movie or trend or an opinion about society, the government and the environment. Too often their voices go unheard because they don't know how to express themselves effectively. With a degree in AYA Integrated Language Arts from the University of Findlay, you will learn the skills you need help young people develop their communication, critical think ing and creative skills.

University of Findlay’s Adolescent Young Adult Education program will prepare you for a career in teaching with the ability to double major in education and English

Course Information

University of Findlay's College of Education prepares student through a blend of classwork and fieldwork. 


Classwork is comprised of multi-age education core courses and English courses. The education core focuses on teaching methodologies and practices for teaching language arts. The English course requirements cover various kinds of writing (news writing, creative, analytical), mass communication, literary critics and literature for young adults. Students will have the option of choosing literature from various time periods to focus their studies on. 

Field Work
Findlay students benefit from field experiences outside campus beginning in their first year. Over four years of courses, students engage in over 1000 hours of fieldwork with exposure to a variety of districts and classrooms. 

Questions about the program? Contact Antonio Davis at da​vis​[email protected]


The College of Education is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). All programs are built to address the standards of their specialized professional associations (SPA) and are aligned with the National Council of Teachers of English. Programs are approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. 

Already have a degree?

If you have already graduated with a bachelors degree but are looking to become a teacher, check out our Multi-Age Post-baccalaureate Licensure option.