​​​​​​​​Special Education Minor

The Special Education Minor at the University of Findlay prepares students entering any profession to work with people with special needs. Outside of education, there are many opportunities to work with the special needs population. Students who commonly add this minor are in programs such as:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Communication
  • Social Work
  • Wellness & Exercise Promotion
  • Strength & Conditioning

The Special Education Minor consists of 15 credit hours

Core Courses

Inclusion and Collaboration Issues for Educators (SPED 13​4)

This introductory course on addresses the needs of children who experience a range of difficulties in learning, communicating and managing emotions and behavior. As special needs education is constantly growing and changing with new research and new laws, this course will also provide the groundwork for an understanding of the philosophical, historical and legal foundations for this area of study. 

Families of Children with Special Needs (SPED 335)

When working with people with special needs, the relationship you have with their family is oftentimes just as important. In this course you will learn skills in family assessment, interviewing techniques, communication and proactive support strategies to ensure you are prepared to create the best team available.

Implications of Mild/Moderate Exceptionalities for Curriculum (SPED 336)

The special needs population is comprised of many different exceptionalities and they cannot be approached the same way. Go in-depth on a variety of exceptionalities and learn about adaptations, modifications, assistive technologies and related services that can be utilized in your service.

Collaboration and Consultation for the Intervention Specialist (SPED 383)

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. When working with the special needs population, you will work together with general educations, administrators, community service personnel and physicians to coordinator care. In this course, you will learn models of consolations and collaboration and discover sources of information, services and networking.

Elective Course (Choose One)

This course should be chosen based on your intended career.

Adapted Physical Education (PHED 307) 

Lifespan Development (PSYC 208) 

Topics in Sociology (SOCI 150) 

Topics in Social Work (SOWK 170)