​​​​​​Middle Childhood Education

Teach Grades 4 - 9

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Middle school students are incredibly diverse. They can be profound, absurd, honest, juvenile and everything in between. Their writing and conversations reveal wisdom, curiosity, interest, emotion, passion, deep understanding, and free-thinking energy. 

A middle childhood license in Ohio allows you to teach two content areas and reading in grades 4-9.  If you are seeking challenges, opportunities to make a difference, and a rewarding career then join us in the Middle Childhood program! 

The University of Findlay's licensure programs meet Ohio licensure requirements, candidates interested in being licensed in another state need to work with that state’s department of education to determine eligibility for the other state.

“I was offered a teaching position a month after I graduated and was also offered a position within the same week at the school where I student taught. I feel that my experiences and the connections I made at UF definitely helped me to obtain these job offers." 

- Cassie Schaffer '11, Middle Childhood Education Major​ ​

The University of Findlay's College of Education prepares students to become teachers through:

Course Information

University of Findlay's College of Education prepares students through a blend of classwork and fieldwork. 


Students in the Middle Childhood program take the Middle Childhood Education core classes and choose two content areas that they would like to teach to take classes in. The core classes teach methodologies and introductory practices for teaching subject matter. The content areas they choose will determine which methods and content courses they take as well as in which areas they complete their student teaching.

Content Areas

Language Arts

Language art teachers cover topics ranging from literature to blogs to newspapers. Findlay prepares you to teach by offering classes that cover speech, creative writing, journalism, and literature from all countries and eras. 


Mathematics principles are varied in this age range. Class topics at Findlay cover statistics, calculus, pre-calculus, and algebra.  


Middle childhood science takes students' understanding of the world to the next level. Learn how to teach in-depth concepts in biology, chemistry, geology, astronomy, physics, and ocean sciences. 

Social Studies
Engage students in connecting history with current events when choosing social studies as a content area. These content area classes cover fact-base classes like the history of the United States and the world as well as soft science courses such as sociology and economic thinking which will allow you to gain a more in-depth knowledge of historical events. 

Field Work

Year 1

Education majors in the first year of the program are must complete 10 hours of observation in a classroom as part of their class work. They have the choice of observing in a school located in the Findlay area or in a school in their hometown. Students also participate in the University of Findlay and Van Buren Experience, a tutoring and reading program with one of our partnership schools. 

Year 2 

During the second year as an education major, students enter into the Pre-Professional block. All undergraduate teacher candidates will attend classes on the University of Findlay’s main campus for the first eight weeks of the semester. They participate in a 6-week field experience from the start of school until the lunch hour and in other professional development such as: school board meetings, faculty professional development seminars at the district or building level, Individualized Education Planning (IEP) meetings or attending parent-teacher conferences.  Students return to campus at the end of the semester for reflection on their time in the classroom.

Year 3
The Methods Field Experience block is conducted during the third year. Students will be in their assigned schools for 6-weeks from the beginning of the school day to the end of the school day. Students periodically return to main campus for seminars to review their field/clinical experience and address issues and concerns. 

Year 4

Teacher-candidates complete their 16-week student-teacher experience during their fourth year as an education major. Students have the opportunity to choose the school where they will be teaching, provided the school district of choice is able to accept the student. While the only class on Findlay’s main campus is a monthly seminar, mentors perform weekly visits to students at their placements to offer support and answer any questions.    

Add to your licensure

Candidates may also choose to add the Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement that would allow them to teach two additional content areas in grades 4-6.

Our schedule allows flexibility in starting and completing your degree! 

Questions about the program? Contact Antonio Davis at da​[email protected]

Already have a degree?

If you have already graduated with a bachelor's degree but are looking to become a teacher, check out our Middle Childhood Post-baccalaureate Licensure option.


The College of Education is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). All programs are built to address the standards of their specialized professional associations (SPA) and the Middle Childhood Program is aligned with the Association for Middle Level Education. Programs are approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. 

This degree program, math and science content areas only, is eligible for Choose Ohio First scholarship funding