​​​​​​Field Experience​ Placements​

Teach Locally or in Your Hometown

The University of Findlay is located in Hancock County. We are partnered with 12 schools in the county, 32 schools in the surrounding counties and many more schools across the state to give our students the flexibility they need for a great student-teaching experience.

Students in all majors can student teach in Hancock County during the years they will be attending college classes while student teaching. They also have the option of staying their senior year during their full-time student teaching so they can continue to have all the benefits of campus life.

Alternatively, students have the freedom of choosing to teach anywhere in the state. While the map above shows the schools that Findlay has an active partnership with, students may request to student-teach in any school they would like. Typically, students would like to return to their hometown or teach in a school with a teacher they already know. Provided that the school and teacher are willing to host the student teacher, Findlay will work to create a new partnership with that school.

Be in the classroom your first year!

Starting your freshman year, you will be in a real classroom learning about what being a teacher is like. As your time at Findlay progresses, so will your responsibility in the classroom. 

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