​​​​Mentorship Program​​

Guidance from a Professional

During your time as a student teacher in a classroom, you are going to have a lot of questions. You'll wonder if you are doing things correctly, if students always respond in a certain way, and you will be looking for guidance in times that you may not be sure what to do. At Findlay, we allow students to experience what it's like to be an independent teacher while still offering the support they need to feel comfortable during that time. 

Throughout your fieldwork experiences at the University of Findlay, you will be paired up with a faculty supervisor who is licensed in your field of study. They are there to be your cheerleader, your mentor and a resource while you explore the teaching world. You will benefit from weekly meetings or observations out at your placement school with your faculty supervisor. They are also available throughout the week and can be contacted by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Core Findlay Supervisors

Findlay Teacher MentorsThis group of dedicated people regularly work with Findlay students as mentors. Each year, additional educators outside this group may contribute their time and participate in the program. 

Dean Kirian (alum) – Middle Childhood and AYA Science

Ken Brooks – Multi-Age Health and PE

Jim Taylor (alum) – Middle Childhood, AYA Social Studies and Multi-age Visual Arts

Fred Bryan – as a former principal, he is qualified to work with students in any field

Marcia Barnhart – Early Childhood, Middle Childhood. and Intervention Specialist

Cindy Thomas – Early Childhood, Middle Childhood. and Intervention Specialist

Vicky Bell – Early Childhood

Greg Philipp (alum) – Middle Childhood and AYA Social Studies

Jim Zimmerman (alum) – as a former principal, he is qualified to work with students in any field​