​​Faculty/Staff Tuition Remission Application

Process:  Submit this completed form for each enrollment session after you or your family member register for class(es). This will generate an e-mail response with the attached Faculty/Staff Tuition Remission Application Form that must be signed by your supervisor and returned to the Office of Financial Aid by the deadline stated below. It is the employee's responsibility to complete the entire process in order to receive the tuition waiver.  Keep a copy of the completed form for your records .

Tuition Remission Deadline: No tuition remission requests or paperwork will be accepted after the sixth day of classes for a fall and spring standard semester nor after the first day of classes for a summer session, weekend college session, degree completion block, or graduate-level course. If the Faculty/Staff Tuition Remission Application is not submitted to the Office of Financial Aid by the respective deadline stated above, a tuition waiver will not be granted for the requested class or classes.

Graduate-level Courses: The tax on graduate-level courses for the employee, his/her spouse, and/or children will be waived up to the appropriate level (determined by the IRS each year, currently $5,250) during a calendar year. Once the cap has been reached for an employee for a calendar year, the Graduate Course Tax Exemption Request Form will be used to determine taxability on any amounts over the IRS limits for that year. This form must be completed for the employee only and submitted to the Office of Human Resources prior to the start of each semester in order for it to be valid. The University will automatically tax you for the overage of your spouse and children.

Room, board, and fees are NOT covered by the tuition remission and are the responsibility of the student.

Please consult The University of Findlay Employee Handbook for eligibility requirements for tuition remission.

Adjunct Faculty - Supervisor must confirm the number of hours taught when signing form approval.

Winebrenner Theological Seminary courses (Section 80-85) may NOT be included on this form. 

Contact Kim Henley at henley@findlay.edu regarding tuition exchange for WTS courses.