​​Tuition Exchange Program

The University of Findlay is a member of two tuition exchange programs.  This benefit is available to university faculty and staff members. Click on the links below to learn more about each program and to see a list of schools in the exchange.

  1. The Tuition Exchange, Inc. (www.tuitionexchange.org
  2. CIC Tuition Exchange Program (www.cic.edu)
The programs are offered by the Office of Human Resources. 


While neither tuition exchange program is a guarantee, The Tuition Exchange, Inc. (TE) is different from the CIC Tuition Exchange Program (CIC).  Admittance in TE is highly competitive, based on previously enrolled students and seniority of the employee. 

The rate of tuition, if approved and awarded, will be at the current undergraduate base rate of tuition. Premium undergraduate program tuition rates cannot be awarded in full as these are higher-cost programs to the Universit​y.​


To view the list of schools in each program:

  • The Tuition Exchange, Inc. - www.tuitionexchange.org – under "Families" click "Member Schools" – the schools will be listed by state.
  • CIC Tuition Exchange – www.cic.edu – click "Member Services" – select "Tuition Exchange Program (TEP)" click "Searchable Procedure and Guidelines for Students"
    • You can look up a specific institution or click "View a printable list of all participating institutions" to get a full list alphabetically. 


Contact the Office of Human Resources at 419-434-6964 or email [email protected]. ​​