​Project Team Members

The LMS Review Project will be lead by Online, ATS, and CTE (the core team) and the LMS Evaluation Task Force, which will have student, faculty, and staff representation from an array of academic and administrative divisions. Both online and campus communities will be represented.

Executive Sponsors and Task Force Co-Chairs

Role: Advocate for the LMS Evaluation Project throughout the campus community. Advise the Core Team and Task Force. Foster faculty participation in the LMS Evaluation Project.

Dr. Raymond McCandless
​Chief Information Officer
Dr. C. Damon Osborne
​Associate VP for Online and Alternative Delivery Programs

Core Team

Role: Provide overall direction, management, support, and guidance for the Task Force. Plan and conduct a technical evaluation of each LMS, as well as requirements specifically related to cost, security, and infrastructure needs. 

​Steve Clymer

​Academic Technologist

Brandon Heidepriem

Web & Client Services Director

​Scott Kidd

​Blackboard Administrator

​Carolyn Kraut
​Online Instructional Designer
​Matt Kraut

​Blackboard Administrator & Academic Technology Specialist

​Beth Stewart

​Academic Technology Specialist and Program Manager

​Emily Walling
​Academic Technologist

LMS Evaluation Task Force

Role: Determine essential characteristics and functions of an LMS and assist in the creation of the LMS evaluation rubric. Evaluate potential LMS’s from the teaching and learning perspectives. Participate in pilot testing as needed. Review findings and submit a recommendation to the core team. Communicate to colleagues and students the process and rationale behind the final decision.

​Dr. Patricia Abels
​Associate Professor of Business and Director of Graduate Programs
​Dr. Lisa Bradley
​Assistant Professor and Director of the Master in Health Informatics Program
​Dr. Elkie Burnside
​Assistant Professor of English
​Lori Colchagoff
​Director of Disability Services and ADA/504 Compliance Officer
​Lauren Connolly
​Online Services Librarian
​Dr. Nicole Diederich
Professor of English and Director of the Writing Program​
​Dr. John Gillham
​Assistant Professor of Education
​Amy Kinney
Winebrenner Theological Seminary
​Paul Kiszka
​Data Analyst
​Dr. Judith Lanzendorfer
​Associate Professor of English
​Dr. Patrick Malone
Associate Dean and Professor of Pharmacy
​Leroy Morgan
​Assistant Registrar - International Credential Evaluation
​Barnabas Nixon
​Research Assistant, Health Informatics
​Heather Riffle
​Director of Graduate Operations, Coordinator of Online Delivery & IRB Research Officer
​Dr. Jordan Ringenberg
​Assistant Professor of Computer Science
​Dr. Helen Schneider
​Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Computer Science
​Rebecka Stricker
​SGA President
​Kerry Teeple
​Deputy Director, Mazza Museum