​Proposed Timeline

The proposed timeline outlined below is a guideline only and may need to be adjusted according to project needs.​ProposedTimeline.svg

Initial Planning (Complete)

Spring - Summer 2017
  • The Core Team meets weekly to conduct research, review current LMS history, policies, and user stats, and prepare materials needed for the review.
  • LMS Evaluation Task Force members will be selected and notified of their role in the project.
  • ITS will negotiate new Blackboard contract to allow ample time for evaluation and potential migration.

Phase 1:  Evaluation (Complete)

September 2017 - Needs Analysis
  • Survey faculty and students on current usage and desired features of an LMS.
  • Collect feedback from faculty, students and staff during road shows/listening sessions. Contact/feedback form will also be available on our website.
  • Core Team and Task Force will review feedback, prioritize needs and communicate needs to LMS vendors.
October 2017 - Vendor Demos
  • Host product demonstrations of potential LMS’s through open sessions for all of campus (feedback form will be available on our website); closed sessions for core team and Task Force; recorded webinars may also be available.
  • Core Team will thoroughly evaluate all aspects of each LMS including cost, security, infrastructure needs, features (gap analysis) and technical integrations.
  • Task Force will evaluate each LMS from a teaching and learning standpoint only. A rubric will be provided.
  • Core Team and Task Force will review rubric scoring and community feedback; recommend one LMS tool to pilot.

Phase 2:  Pilot & Recommendation

November - December 2017
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Training for pilot participants.
  • Engage in RFP process as needed.
Spring 2018
  • Launch Pilot classes - online, hybrid and land; both 8-week and 16-week formats.
  • Gather feedback from Pilot participants at multiple points throughout semester.
  • Task Force reviews Pilot feedback and finalizes their recommendation to the Core Team.
  • Core Team analyzes all feedback and recommendations; presents the final recommendation to Cabinet.

Phase 3: Implementation & Migration

Summer 2018 - ?

If a new LMS is selected, the timeline will be expanded to account for implementation of the new LMS, migration of content and training for faculty, staff and students. At this time, the LMS Evaluation Task Force will be converted into an LMS Advisory Group for ongoing examination of our academic ecosystem.

Proposed Migration Schedule
  • Summer 2018 - Early Adopters begin using Canvas. Mass data migration, begin course cleanup or development for Fall 2018 delivery.
  • Fall 2018 - 50-60% of courses delivered in Canvas, continue course cleanup/development.
  • Spring 2019 - 80-100% of courses delivered in Canvas. All remaining courses cleaned up or developed for Summer 2019 delivery.
  • Summer 2019 - All courses fully migrated and taught in Canvas. Last chance to backup Blackboard courses.
  • Blackboard contract would end Aug 31, 2019.