​​University of Findlay Endowment Fund

What is an Endowment Fund?

As a private, independent university, the University of Findlay relies on private philanthropy for a large part of its operating funds. This has been true since it was founded and gifts were made by the citizens of the City of Findlay to complete the construction of Old Main. This tradition, enhanced by a challenge grant from Andrew Carnegie in 1906 to establish an endowment fund, has continued through the bequests and gifts of generations of alumni, friends, parents of students, firms, corporations, foundations, social and civic clubs.

Goal of Endowment

The Board of Trustees believes that grants to be made in the future are as important as grants made today. This is consistent with the philosophy that this endowment is to exist in perpetuity and, therefore, should provide for grant making in perpetuity. To attain this goal, the overriding objective of this endowment is to maintain purchasing power. That is, net of spending, the objective is to grow the aggregate portfolio value at the rate of inflation over the endowment’s investment horizon.

Endowments at the University of Findlay require a minimum investment of $25,000 to be considered completely established.

What does UF's Endowment Fund support?

The purposes for which the University of Findlay needs and seeks gift support are many and varied.
In broad terms, they encompass things like:
  • student financial aid
  • faculty salaries
  • library support
  • building maintenance
  • course development
  • faculty development
  • the construction and renovation of buildings

Why support the Endowment Fund?

The University of Findlay Endowment Fund provides the vehicle for donors to:
  • support student scholarships
  • honor distinguished careers through endowed professorships
  • memorialize loved ones or to give back in appreciation for what one has received

Additional University of Findlay Endowment Resources

Regardless of the reason for investing in the University through a contribution, the objective is to enhance the ability of the University of Findlay to carry out its academic mission. If you have questions or are interested in supporting the UF Endowment Fund, please contact University Advancement at 419-434-5674 or [email protected].