Your Annual Gift Supports

Financial Aid

Gifts to The Findlay Fund make it possible for the University to provide financial aid to students who have the intellectual skills to succeed at the University but not necessarily the financial resources. A high-quality, private education like the one offered by The University of Findlay requires a substantial investment. Gifts to The Findlay Fund support our core mission by providing financial aid to talented students regardless of their financial means.

Library Resources 

The heart of any college or university is its library. Gifts to The Findlay Fund help provide funds to purchase periodicals, books and online subscriptions for magazines and database services across the globe and within every academic field.

Student Leadership Development

Gifts to The Findlay Fund allow the University to offer leadership development programs to student organizations, to bring in outside speakers and to design experiences that help Findlay students to develop the types of leadership skills that will enable them to be successful in any career field.

Arts and Cultural Programming

Gifts to The Findlay Fund provide resources that allow the University to attract arts and cultural programming that enriches and expands the horizons of our students.

Smart Classrooms

Gifts to The Findlay Fund also augment the ability of the University to equip our classrooms and labs with computers, state-of-the-art presentation software, LCD projectors and the most current technology. These smart classrooms and the experience working with modern technology give our graduates a competitive edge in the job market following graduation.

Career Exploration Programs

In our highly competitive job market, real-world work experience is more important than ever. Gifts to The Findlay Fund help support internships and experiential education opportunities that allow our students to explore career fields and to gain real-world work experience that gives them an edge in the job market or in the graduate school application process.

Fitness and Recreation Programs

An important aspect of a Findlay education is encouraging students to develop healthy living habits and to make healthy lifestyle choices. This is important, not just during the college years, but in developing habits and lifestyles that form a foundation for life beyond college. The Findlay Fund provides for state-of-the-art fitness and recreation equipment that encourages our students to make healthy choices.

Service Learning

One of the hallmarks of a Findlay education is to promote the concept of volunteer service. We want every student at the University to experience volunteer opportunities and to participate in making their community a better place to live, learn and work. Again, these experiences instill important values and develop lifelong habits that become a critical part of the lives of our students and alumni. Your support helps us to build bridges with non-profit organizations in our community and around the world and to design life-changing opportunities for our students to also make a positive impact in the lives of others.
As you can see, these are some pretty amazing outcomes, from just one gift to The Findlay Fund. Every gift to The Findlay Fund makes a difference, whether it is one dollar, one hundred dollars or one thousand dollars when combined with the gifts of other alumni, parents, and friends. These gifts provide the resources that allow the lives of students to be touched in a powerful and lasting way. We invite you to experience the joy and personal satisfaction that comes from helping the University and our students by becoming a donor to The Findlay Fund.

Matching Gift Opportunities

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