University of Findlay Endowment ​Investment Performance Measurements

The investment performance of the total portfolio shall be measured against the overriding objective of the fund: to provide a return sufficient to support a spending policy of five percent, to keep pace with inflation, to provide for administrative expenses and to provide one percent real growth. The target return of the fund is 10 percent.

Performance of the portfolio and each component of the portfolio will be reviewed on an actual and a risk-adjusted basis. The overall portfolio will be compared to such benchmarks as the 60 percent Standard and Poor’s 500/40 percent Lehman Brothers Government Corporate Bond Index, the N.A.C.U.B.O. Endowment Index and other indices as selected from time to time. The performance of each separate manager of the portfolio will be compared to both the appropriate market index benchmark and a universe of managers investing assets in a similar style.


The University of Findlay currently has several endowment funds in process. We have listed only those funds that are completely established.